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    Just an historical inquiry – how in the hell did Afghani guerillas manage to beat the British Empire in the 19th century, the Soviet Empire in the 20th century and now the American Empire in the 21st century?


    They would have defeated the German empire too. Geographic, historical and persistence factors. They have been like the Spartans always willing to fight against any foreign power and most Europeans and American Armed forces do not know how to fight wars of guerrillas. If the USA invade Venezuela they would not be able to control and fight in the mountains thousands of guerrillas fighters specially trained for that type of wars


    From the horse’s mouth

    McChrystal, the former Joint Special Operations Command and Afghanistan War commander, said the unending battle against ever-changing terrorist organisations, launched as a response to the 9/11 attacks, was not worth it.

    You may have missed an earlier post, Wez, where I referred to my own late father futilely fighting the Afghans in the 1930s and me recalling when news of the Russians was being covered, him predicting defeat for them.


    Probably that war commander does not know that the USA capitalist class obtained what they waned from the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan and they obtained huge profits from both wars, and they stopped two competitors such as China and Russia who were going to grab the same resource from both countries. They obtained free petroleum and free minerals, and the pharmaceuticals also made enormous profits


    The Taliban leaders are going to keep the Poppy and the Minerals. It is like taking candy from the hands of a little child


    Kabul all but falls

    It seems to be Saigon all over again

    An article i wrote only an hour ago is already out of date.


    They will end like the Vietcong rulers making pacts with the western capitalists, or the Chinese capitalist class to exploit the Afghans working class. Russia was the last country that was able to obtain its own internal capitalist development


    The left does not support the USA but now they are supporting the Taliban, they do not adopt an independent political stand, and they continue repeating the same mistakes over and over again. They continue supporting the so-called anti-imperialist slogan of the Bolsheviks. History has shown that we were totally correct when we did not support the Vietcong

    The anti-imperialist delusion


    In lieu of a press statement by the Party, the blog has this to say


    Nothing new. They have also rewritten their own history


    It may be a media disaster for the USA image but the swift collapse of the Afghan Government is most fortunate for civilians in Kabul.

    “There is currently no fighting in Kabul. If there had been conflict in Kabul the civilian suffering would have been enormous,” the Red Cross, Red Crescent delegation head, Eloi Fillon, said “However, what is clear is that there are huge humanitarian needs resulting from weeks of heavy fighting in cities like Kandahar, Herat, and Lashkar Gah.”

    Medical charity MSF has said it is continuing its medical activities in all five of its projects in Herat, Kandahar, Khost, Kunduz and Lashkar Gah,

    Young Master Smeet

    The rumours seem to be circulating that the Afghan army was basically ordered to stand down; and that the top government officials have been flying with suitcases stuffed with dollars.

    Biden keeps repeating that the Afghan army numbered 300,000, so there is a big question of how a well equipped well paid for army of that size could evaporate so quickly.

    I’ve seen analysis that neither the Taliban nor the Afghan army really existed, but the locals are just taking the cash: the phrase there were cousins on both sides seems to resonate.


    I doubt very much that it was the ordinary local Afghan who was raking it in.

    Poverty and destitution still prevail for those fellow workers of ours.

    But in the post-mortem, anti-corruption officials will easily track down the profiteers if they choose to by simply visiting Dubai where the aid money has ended up, according to those in the know.


    The Taliban have captured vast amounts of sophisticated US so we can expect a hive of activity on the arms black market.


    I find it astonishing that so many countries have now all of a sudden found room for Afghan refugees when a few months ago they were being refused and returned.


    The Taliban has issued a general amnesty for all government officials, urging them to return to work with “full confidence”.

    “A general amnesty has been declared for all… so you should start your routine life with full confidence,”

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