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    Are they so ignorant of capitalism?

    I refer you to this blog post listing their business interests albeit some are run as criminal enterprises

    Should we declare Wahhabi Saudi Arabia non-capitalist because of its medieval religion?

    We know that Islamic banking practice of no usury can adapt to the rules of capitalist economics.

    As a designated terrorist organisation like Hamas and Hizbollah, the Taliban will have difficulty accessing the international banking and trade institutions but as we see from those two, being part of or running an administration is not impossible to do.

    The role of Pakistan will be crucial to the Taliban as it always has been.


    A little off topic perhaps?
    Not a million miles from the truth…..

    The snowflakes were up in arms, Biden attended the return of dead US military….when he looked at his watch.

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    Well, when the British church expropriated the Catholic Church it produced one of the first original accumulation of capital which Marx considered as the original sin of capitalism, therefore, religion ideology is not the problem to produce surplus value, the problem is how brutal is going to be their administration in order to produce more surplus value, and we know that the bourgeoisie democratic republic would provide certain benefits to the working class versus a despotic society.

    In Iran, many Leninist, and anarchists organization are operating in Europe and some are working underground due to the fact that they have a theocratic government. Some of the profits obtained by the Talibans leaders and the Afghans government were produce by the economic exploitation of the working class, money obtained from the USA, and others countries, and profits obtained from the drugs trade

    We know that the last country over the earth able to obtain internal and independent capitalist development was Russia and in our present time that would be imposible, in the same way that it would be imposible to establish a socialist society in one single country, a town, and one region, or even in one continent


    Mark Sedwill, a former ambassador to Afghanistan and senior adviser to two British prime ministers, said the emergency airlift out of Kabul had only helped “relatively small numbers” and greater pressures were likely to emerge as people fled overland.


    US Collected 4.8 Million Biometric Records of Afghans

    The US collected 4.8 million biometric records in Afghanistan, and people in the USA are complaining against a mask because it is against their freedom


    Capitalists welcome

    The Taliban would welcome German investment in Afghanistan.

    “The German government could encourage its entrepreneurs to come and invest in our country,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said. The Taliban would pave the way for investments and ensure companies’ security, he said.


    Not sure if it’s of interest or not.
    A Tweet by George Galloway, in which he claims, the same people who oppose taking Afghan refugees, are the same ones who supported taking in people fighting against China’s Government, from Hong Kong.

    This is certainly not in the realm of probability.

    I liked it? for the purposes of bookmarking it and to share. Can’t seem to find it. Damn

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    They act according to their geopolitical interests. Thousands of Jews were denied entry to the USA and several ships were returned to Germany and many were killed and they were the same ones who were on the Nuremberg trail hanging and executing German nazis


    I see the Taleban have announced a government, “inclusive” in the sense that apart from mad mullahs it includes a few bandit leaders. It looks as if they are going to come unstuck trying to run a capitalist state according to pre-mediaeval laws as well as in the interests of one particular tribe. Serves them right.


    Our sympathies have to go out to our fellow workers in Afghanistan who already were suffering and will now not only find their misery continuing but very likely increasing without what miserly aid the previous regime received as the puppet government and client state of the USA.

    Those who succeed in escaping the Taliban repression will also face the misfortune of being unwelcomed refugees.

    It is a tragedy but if we are to be seen as callous, only one among many inhumanities inflicted by the nature of the capitalist system.


    An informative essay on the Taliban leadership

    The Taliban’s Choice of Interim Prime Minister


    We have an article titled which says that all dictators and world criminals have been ally of the Western Powers, they used them and then they dispose them


    That confirms that he’s just a mad mullah who’s living about 1500 years in the past.


    Our socialist peace policy is a simple one.

    Whatever concessions or compromises to stop the deaths and unnecessary suffering have to be made, need to be made, regardless of unpalatable, it may be.

    Continuing to define the Taliban as pariahs and denying those mad mullahs money, handicaps humanitarian aid to the Afghani people.


    The Taleban haven’t changed. They still don’t like woman and have begun discriminating against them. Now they are to bring back stonings and amputations. Listen to this mad mullah.

    They are still the “obscurantist savages” that George Galloway (right for once) has described them. Their rule is going to be one of mad mullahs interpreting sharia law in the most brutal way it can be and enforced by bandit gang leaders. We can only hope that they will come to a sticky end sooner or later. Meanwhile as many people as can will try to get out of Afghanistan as soon as they can (their best option).

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