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    We shouldn’t forget that it was a Labour government that committed the UK to join the American imperialist adventure in Afghanistan. Another reason for not having anything to do with that party except outright opposition. They support capitalism and imperialism as much as the Tories.


    Like we speculated :

    “After president Ghani’s escape on Sunday, one of the few figures from the previous regime still publicly resisting Taliban rule was the former vice-president, Amrullah Saleh, who declared himself the rightful caretaker president. Saleh, who is believed to be in hiding in Panjshir valley, north of Kabul, one of the few districts that has not fallen to insurgents, said on Twitter that he would “under no circumstances bow” to “the Talib terrorists”. He received online promises of support from accounts that said they belonged to government soldiers, along with posts saying troops loyal to the memory of Ahmad Shah Massoud, the leader of the Northern Alliance assassinated by two al-Qaida operatives just before the 9/11 attacks on the US, were converging on Panjshir to form a “Resistance 2” movement.”


    The Taliban are already firing against the street protesters and they have killed two persons. A tiny group of 80,000 peoples can not take over a population of more than 38 millions peoples. The Talibans are very unpopular in Afghanistan


    In Iraq ISIS was started by remnants from the Saddam Hussein army


    I don’t think the Taliban have obtained the support of the ex officers of the Afghans national guard, and they might started another movement like it was done in Iraq. If this situation takes place we are going to see another ISIS guerrillas in Afghanistan, but this is not how the conspiracist are saying that it was a situation planned by Joe Biden

    Young Master Smeet

    The problem with that article is that it equates the military coup of Afghanistan with a communist revolution and that the participants were communists


    This article from 2015 discusses the subsequent development of state-capitalist grouplets in Afghanistan. No idea if or to what extent it is wishful thinking.


    I have never seen any difference between Marxist-Leninist and Marxist Leninist Maoists, Marxist-Leninist Hoxahist , that is a distinction made by the Trotskyists which think that the problem is Stalinism. There is not any essential difference between Trotskyism and Stalinism both are Leninist trend. They should have included the Hoxahists who called themselves Marxist Leninists and they are anti Maoists. The Communist Voice is Marxist Leninist and it is anti trotskyists, anti Maoist and anti Stalinist, and anti Hoxhaist. All the so called communists trend in Afghanistan are pro state capitalism and the label does not make any difference. Enver Hoxah said that Maoism was a modern version of Chinese Confucius using socialist phraseology


    According to a declaration made by the UK and the USA government the Taliban and the USA/UK armed forces are collaborating to keep certain order at the Kabul airport for the transportation of refugees and their collaborators, diplomats and citizens. One curious situation is that the Taliban do not have control in the area where the Afghanistan Vice President is hiding and he is declaring himself as the legitimate president of Afghanistan


    An article published by the ICC on Afghanistan


    The Marxist Leninist Maoist Party of Afghanistan is an underground organization


    Gen Sir Nick Carter, the head of the British armed forces, said he thought the Taliban wanted an “inclusive Afghanistan” and described them as “country boys” who had “honour at the heart of what they do”.

    Asked about the Taliban’s repression of women, Carter said: “I do think they have changed and recognise Afghanistan has evolved and the fundamental role women have played in that evolution.”

    Asked about Carter’s position, Johnson’s spokesperson said: “He was reflecting what was claimed by the Taliban.”

    An article suggests that the Taliban are the moderates who will will have to suppress extremists
    “…the Taliban in power may find themselves fighting their own insurgents, composed not of those loyal to the former US-backed government but those who see their new rulers as sellouts…”


    Taliban are likely to face a rapidly developing financial crisis, with foreign currency reserves largely unreachable and western aid donors – who fund the country’s institutions by about 75% and account for 42.9% of GDP – already cutting off or threatening to cut payments.

    Ajmal Ahmady, Afghanistan’s central bank governor, commented, that the “Taliban won militarily – but now have to govern. It is not easy.”


    As we have said in an article about the Soviet Union that Russia was the last country in the world to be able to have internal independent capitalist development. Most country around the world when they try to have independent capitalist development they are squeezed by the high developed capitalist countries and blocks, the same case is applicable to so called socialist countries, and Afghanistan and the Taliban are going to have difficult moments to be able to operate a country without the financial intervention of the Western power. They have already placed a freeze in all their cash reserve

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