End capitalism

Capitalism – it’s the system that, for now, rules throughout the world, in either private or state forms.

The driver and fundamental characteristic of this system is capital accumulation, or put more simply, profit.

If the bosses have no expectation of profit, there is no production.

And the result? At an economic level, continuous instability and pressure on workers’ employment conditions.

And the inevitable capitalistic competition leads to a struggle for the control of natural resources and markets, Hence so much energy wasted in military preparations and the perpetual threat of war.

On top of that, the system requires constant expansion which explains the threat of environmental catastrophe.

No reform can make a difference to the fundamental characteristic of capitalism. None.

So if we want real, permanent progress for everyone we have to replace capitalism with a system in which the economic driver is the satisfaction of the material needs of every person.

And on a worldwide level too. A cooperative society, without bosses, without frontiers, with free access to the social product.

This is what we call socialism. With the tremendous productive capabilities that have been developed under the rule of capital, the new society is within reach. All that is lacking is the will of the majority of the workers to bring it into being.

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