Red Snapper: Sound bites and unsound nibbles

“A moustachioed demagogue.”

Labour MP Oona King’s election team on George Galloway. Guardian, April12th.

“The tension, the atmosphere [in Israel] looks like the eve of the civil war. “

Ariel Sharon on the current situation in Israel. Independent, 12th April

“All my life I was defending Jews, now for the first time I’m taking steps to protect me from Jews. ” 

Ariel Sharon again, Independent, April 12th

“I love a fight…I love coming out to Tories’ seats and roughing them up a bit. That is what elections are all about.  “

John Prescott, Guardian, March 19th

“You can walk down the street and see who’s working class and who’s middle class. It’s in the way we drive, the way we are, the way we dress. I am not getting back into whether I am middle class – clearly I am! “

John Prescott again, Guardian, March 19th

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