“Just because you caught me polishing my Rolls-Royce doesn’t mean I’m a Tory. I’ll vote Labour.” (Man at Morden Hill. Guardian report 16.3.66.)

“While we act to suppress the ugly activities, if anyone dies we shall not be bothered.” (Indian Premier Mrs. Gandhi. 16.3.66.)

“He (the Tory) must persuade a substantial mass of the voters . . . to identify the defence of their own interests and values with the defence of privileges which are—and are likely to remain—beyond their reach.” (Why I am voting Tory, by Henry Fairlie. Observer 20.3.66.)

“A Conservative speculative builder in Cambourne this weekend described Mr. Wilson as “the nearest thing we’ve had to Churchill.” (Peter Jenkins, Guardian 21.3.66.)

“I have a feeling that . . . voters are getting much more shrewd.” (Leonard Beaton. Guardian 30.3.66.)

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