Our contributions to the Socialist Movement

After fifty years of the Party’s existence it is worth while drawing attention to the principal contributions the Party has made to the Socialist movement.

(1) We have always insisted upon the capture of political power before any fundamental change in the social system can be accomplished.

(2) Until the majority understood and want this change Socialism cannot be achieved.

(3) Opposition to all reform policies and unswerving pursuit of Socialism as the sole objective.

(4) Opposition to all war without any distinction between alleged wars of offence, of defence, or against tyranny.

(5) The understanding that taxation is a burden upon the capitalist class and not upon the working class, and therefore any schemes which are brought forward to cut down taxes are measures of interest to the capitalist class, and not to the working class.

(6)That when the workers understand their position and how to change it they will not require leaders to guide them. Leadership is the bane of the working class movement for Socialism.

(7) That Socialism is international involving the participation of workers all over the world. Therefore any suggestion of establishing Socialism in one country alone is anti-socialist.

(8) In a given country there can only be one Socialist Party, therefore no member can belong to any other political party at the same time as he is a member of the Party.

(9) Likewise no member can speak on any other political platform except in opposition.

(10) The Socialist Party must be entirely independent of all other political parties entering into no agreement or alliances for any purpose. Compromising this independence for any purpose, however seemingly innocent, will lead to non-socialists giving support to the Party.

(11) We throw our platform open to any opponent to state his case in opposition to ours.

(12) Likewise all our Executive meetings, Branch meetings and Conferences are open to the public.

(13) The members have entire control of the Party and all members are on an equal footing.

(14) Finally the Party has a scrupulous regard for political honesty and no skeletons are permitted to moulder in cupboards.


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