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    1) Oswald was a trained sniper, IIRC reading biographies of his bizarre life (which only feeds to conspiraloons), he did pass his sniper exams in the Marines.
    I have read that he was not a good shooter


    He was adequate and at the distance he shot from it was doable.

    Much is made of his poor Marine record but in the actual test in 1956 Oswald scored 212 points on a test…two points over the “Sharpshooter” minimum and eight points short of “expert.” In earning that score, he hit 48 of 50, then 49 of 50, in shots taken at a target 200 yards away (twice the distance from his position in the Texas Book Depository). Later, in 1959, he qualified at the lower classification “Marksman” but his motivation at the shooting range had waned and he did enough just to pass.

    The degree of difficulty for the shot didn’t require a person to possess the skill of a sniper and his rifle was good enough despite being used and old.

    Bijou Drains

    But…. why did well known republican supporter, Jack Ruby, who was well connected to many mafiosa figures and in considerable debt to the mafia and others, seek out and kill Lee Harvey Oswald?


    Jacob Rubenstein did it because it was being rumoured at the time that right-wing Jews were involved and being another attention seeker Jack Ruby wanted to show how patriotic an American Jew could be. The night before him shooting he was on the phone to his rabbi bemoaning the fact that Jews were being blamed.

    In jail he always insisted that he was not part of any conspiracy.

    As a nightclub strip joint, where the dancers union was run by gangsters it would be impossible for any owner not to have any contact with mobsters.

    But tell me, when does a mafia hitman take along his pampered dogs and leave them waiting in his car.

    It was a opportunist crime.

    If Oswald had not been delayed by a postal inspector wishing to interview him about the mailbox and if Oswald at the very last moment insisted they return to interview room so he could change his sweater Ruby would not have been present

    Also I forget which whether if the traffic lights were either at green or red Ruby would have missed the moment the policeman at the ramp wasn’t present.

    And if the counter clerk at the Western Union had been just a bit slow arranging a money order to send one of his dancers, Ruby would have been too late to shoot anybody.

    It all meant Ruby would have entirely missed Oswald’s transfer. There was no pre-arranged plan or plot, at all. Just strokes of good fortune or more accurately bad luck for Oswald.


    I have read several books and articles on John F Kennedy and Robert Kennedy and most of them are based on conspiracy theories, but I am going to start working on the idea that Oswalda was acting alone. At present, I believe that Oswald was a patsy and that Kennedy was a political assassination perpetrated by one sector of the US ruling class during the time of the cold war


    When Oswald was young he said that he was a Marxist but he was not a Leninists and that most communist organizations were not communists and that the Soviet Union was imperialist and he subscribed to one Trotskyist newspaper and a Stalinist newspaper and then he became a supporter of the Cuban revolution.

    At a certain moment in his life, he was politically correct but in another phase of his political life, he was not correct.

    During all his life he had psychological problems and he had a very unstable personality. Some writers are saying that he was only trained in foreign languages and communication technology.

    Knowing the political history of the USA it is difficult for me to accept that John F Kennedy was not assassinated by the US ruling class, in the same manner, that they assassinated several presidents in other countries


    MS, with the profusion of false facts circulating, I am not at all surprised by any confusion about the assassination that exists and still continues.

    For every one assassination to eliminate a particular politician, wouldn’t you also say that there were a hundred other politicians removed by other means such as blackmail, bribery and media smears.

    And would you also agree that JFK in his political and personal life was especially vulnerable to those alternatives?


    In the RFK assassination by Sirhan Sirhan, it went to trial where the case was presented to the jury and he was found guilty.

    The defense lawyers sought a plea of insanity which would have avoided a trial but the judge denied the request and insisted upon a trial increasing the chances of a conspiracy or cover-up of being exposed.

    Would the supposed powerful Establishment let such a trial go ahead?

    Just a thought.

    Young Master Smeet

    I finally got round to reading the JFK timeline, to scratch an itch.

    Short version, Oswald got his job in the book depository long before the route of the motorcade was decided, the only way he could have been a plant there would be if the motorcade planners had been in on the job, which, given the route wasn’t finalised till late, would suggest they weren’t.

    That would only leave then that his alleged handlers got lucky, and he was in the right place at the right time for them, or he was a lone opportunist (which seems much more likely).


    Biden keeps remainder of JFK files under wraps for another year and blames Covid as the reason.

    What secrets are being protected?

    My guess, and it is only a guess, is that it centres upon the Kennedy and CIA plots to assassinate Castro and destabilise Cuba and proposed plans for false flag operations in the USA and nothing directly related to Oswald and any CIA conspiracy with him.


    According to QAnon John F Kennedy Jr will comeback

    Bijou Drains

    They’re right he is coming back. He’s organised a big come back party. He’s invited Elvis, Robin Hood, L Ron Hubbard, Jim Morrison, Amelia Earhart, Tupac, King Arthur, Adolph Hitler and Jesus. Going to be one hell of a party! (not).

    I know for some members of the SPGB that it’s frowned upon to be too critical of non Socialists, but I hope we can all agree that these clowns are a bunch of fuck wits.


    Fuck wits or not, the influence they now hold make them extremely dangerous, BD.


    They have influenced the minds of millions of peoples and probably one their leader will be elected again

    Bijou Drains

    It seems to be that you can tell people any far fetched claptrap and they will believe it (with the obvious exception of telling them that it would be possible to use the resources of the planet in an efficient, democratic, sustainable way, where all have access to meet their needs and avoid starvation, war, uncertainty, general unhappiness, etc.)

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