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    Shame this thread has fizzled out.The workers are asleep as far as capitalism is concerned.I think the Party needs to concentrate more on waking people up rather than simply presenting a goal.   

    "We believe in preaching our Marxian view of capitalism wherever we can get hearers; but when we find that people get tired listening to the same old grind week after week, and then refuse to support our gatherings, we must, if we still preserve our sanity, change our tactics."

    John McleanHe never did have the right answer but he did pose the right question


    Members are wondering to themselves what our future approach should be for the Party campaigns and presentation.This article about why people don't care about climate change could apply to our selves, why they don't care a shit about socialismhttp://www.filmsforaction.org/articles/a-psychologist-explains-why-people-dont-give-a-shit-about-climate-change/

    We need to apply a mix of strategies that hold the potential to dissolve the polarization: use social networks, supportive framings, simple actions, stories, and signals. We start by changing the messengers to people that are inside non-polarized social networks such as sport teams, churches, neighborhoods, towns, and cities. Second, we avoid doom, cost, and sacrifice framings, and talk about the issue in terms of opportunity, insurance, risk management, health, and resilience…. Fourth, and most important, we tell new stories of the dream, not the nightmares. We must describe where we want to go, such as smarter green growth, happier lives, and better cities, stewardship rather than dominion, and re-wilding nature by allowing its resilience to flourish again….Humans will act for the long-term when conducive conditions are in place. Therefore, all climate communicators need to assist building the necessary social norms, supportive frames, simple actions, new stories, and better signals.

    (my emphahsis)

    moderator1 wrote:
    ALB wrote:
    The Minutes of the Outreach Department's meeting on 23 May to review the election campaign are included in the Election Committee's report to the EC on the election that has now been uploaded to the files section of Spintcom. It's Annex 2.

    Seeing that not all users on here can access the file section of Spintcom can I suggest you make the report into a google doc?

    I've just got round to reading this report.

Viewing 4 posts - 121 through 124 (of 124 total)
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