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    Talk of talks, finally.


    “Hell, the American capitalist regime has more than enough firepower on its own to defeat the Russian capitalist regime”
    This may well be true but it’s not just ‘firepower’ that wins wars – Vietnam and Afghanistan come to mind.


    “ALB – They are clarifying that figure she gave meant both dead and wounded.”

    LOL. She was a former defence minister. She knew exactly what she was saying. She let the truth slip. Now the spin. And guess who falls for it hook, line and sinker? The Guardian Bros!



    Chairman of the U.S. joint chiefs of staff General Mark Milley said in November that Russia’s military had seen more than 100,000 of its soldiers killed and wounded. He said that Ukraine’s armed forces had “probably” suffered a similar level of casualties

    And the Ukraine figure of its deaths broadly matches the BBC calculation of Russian dead, giving added evidence to Milley that BOTH sides have suffered roughly the same attrition rates.


    With the emerge of the mercenaries private army, the death of those soldiers is not part of the statistic of the government, it was the same case of Iraq, the amount of death soldiers was higher than the ones reported by the government of the USA, it was a similar case during the war in Vietnam, the amount of dead soldiers was higher too. The old war correspondents do not exist any more, now journalists are just cardboard readers


    “NATOstani/Nazi aggression” ???

    You claim Ukraine can be labelled Nazi. Now, are you claiming that NATO nations can be defined as Nazi, as well?

    Well Alan if NATO nations are defined as Nazi by our resident fantasist then VERY DEFINITELY imperialist Russia would qualify as a Nazi state as well and TS, as a nazi sympathiser. That would not be surprising given TS’s far right, nationalistic and rabidly anti-working class (he wants workers to die for his preferred capitalist regime) outlook


    Support in Russia for the war has fallen dramatically according to a leaked report from the Kremlin. Let’s hope this is true and that the same thing is happening in Ukraine. Workers dying for the cause of their capitalist masters is an utterly depressing thought


    I do not think that any real socialist would support the killing of all human beings, and laugh on the suffering of mankind, and then, they talk about Nazism, Imperialism and genocide, but the other side support the same phenomenon. Our keyboard warrior support genocides and killing, so what is the difference between the so called Nazis and them ? Nothing, it is just horseshit. If you read the commentaries made on RT you will think that you are reading the newspaper of 1930 Nazis Germany, or the USA hate spread against the Japaneses. Real socialists/communists support and spread the worldly solidarity among all members of the working classs instead of supporting governments, leaders, wars, killing among members of the working class, and exploitative social classes. It is a very basic principle, whoever does not support that principle should not himself/herself a socialist/communist, instead he/she should be call a nationalist and a warmonger like any other capitalist class


    Paul Rogers (Professor of Peace Studies) makes some interesting points.

    That the Russian forces have very little to show for their efforts and burgeoning losses has not deterred them. Why they continue is unclear, with the Institute for the Study of War writing: “Russian efforts around Bakhmut indicate that Russian forces have fundamentally failed to learn from previous high-casualty campaigns concentrated on objectives of limited operational or strategic significance. One explanation is that there are internal rivalries within the Russian military, with a powerful faction determined to take Bakhmut come what may, probably under heavy pressure from Putin and his people to get results. This may explain the deployment of mercenaries from the Wagner Group – a Russian private military company – to this area, given that the group’s founder, Yevgeny Prigozhin, is believed to have leadership ambitions.”


    Internal opposition and regime change in Moscow is still possible. In any case, NATO – under US influence – may move to adopt a two-track policy, with increased civil aid for Ukraine and heavy support for its defensive capabilities. This would be aimed at maximising Russian casualties on the ground and further damaging the Russian economy, without Ukraine being able to take the war to Russia itself. All the killing would be in Ukraine. It might be a brutal but effective strategy for hobbling Russia as a long-term threat, but the price paid by Ukraine and its people would be huge.

    I agree that regime change in Moscow would be an optimal solution (to all but Putin fans), but the idea of a long attritional war in Ukraine seems more likely, at the moment. Even if Moscow defeats Kyiv’s conventional forces, a long guerilla war awaits.


    A feature of Roger’s commentary, that seems to have some corroboration, is that Ukraine is burning through artillery ammunition faster than allies can replace (quite what that means for the rate of Russia burning ammo is anyone’s guess).


    Putin mobilises God

    It isn’t de-Nazification of Ukraine, at all.

    Aleksei Pavlov, assistant secretary on Russia’s security council called on the Russian military to carry out an urgent “de-Satanisation” of Ukraine.

    Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov referenced “shaitan” – evil spirits or devils in Islam – in an attempt to help mobilise the Muslims

    Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill of Moscow has increased references to a “holy war” in Ukraine.

    Vyacheslav Volodin, the president of the legislative branch of the Duma, presented the update on the law banning LGBT “propaganda”.
    “We have our own traditions and our own values,” he said, adding that the new legislation would “protect our children and the future of this country against darkness spread by the US and European countries”.

    In 2020 the Russian constitution was rewritten to add a reference to belief in God being an integral part of the “thousand-year history” that unites Russian society.

    Viatcheslav Avioutskii, professor of international relations specialising in Russia and Ukraine at ESSCA School of Management in Angers. “Lacking unanimous support for its war in Ukraine, Russian leaders have launched a conservative initiative of ‘ideological purification’ as it sees the Russian population as being at risk from harmful Western influences.”

    To me, it all sounds very much like the reactionary right-wing Christian pro-Trump cults in the USA.

    Not MAGA but Make Russia Great Again


    According to RT (huge propaganda flag) Ukraine is questioning the loyalty of Orthodox church, so it looks like religion is a wing in this war (I wouldn’t doubt that Moscow would send agents through religious orgs_)….

    Ah, and Tass too (easier to access)

    Kyiv pressuring Orthodox church

    The Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is one of Russia’s first monasteries and is the oldest monastery in modern-day Ukraine. It was founded in the 11th century. Currently, the monastery’s territory covers over 20 hectares. Recently, Ukrainian law enforcement agencies conducted a series of raids against UOC churches, including at the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) claims that “pro-Russian literature and millions in cash,” as well as materials denying the existence of Ukraine” were found.

    Bijou Drains

    Putin mobilises God but Ukraine has a response!

    The Church of England is showing solidarity with Ukraine. Putin will be terrified.

    All we need now is for the Pope to mobilise The Legion of Mary and the Catholic Women’s League!

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    The Pope has been making comments:


    “Chairman of the U.S. joint chiefs of staff General Mark Milley said in November that Russia’s military had seen more than 100,000 of its soldiers killed and wounded. He said that Ukraine’s armed forces had “probably” suffered a similar level of casualties

    And the Ukraine figure of its deaths broadly matches the BBC calculation of Russian dead, giving added evidence to Milley that BOTH sides have suffered roughly the same attrition rates.”

    BS. The BBC says only 9,300 Russian deaths.

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