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    I thought I’d double-check that article on Zelensky in case it was Russian propaganda. It’s not. It was reported at the time and before Zelensky was canonised, in this article in the Guardian:

    Zelensky does have a defence but I doubt if he would use it — that Ukraine is so corrupt (it has a reputation of being Europe’s Nigeria) that only a fool who had pots of money would leave it there. It wouldn’t be secure.

    In fact Zelensky fatigue seems to be setting in with some Western media outlets beginning to look at his feet and finding evidence of clay there:


    Before being elected as president of Ukraine it was widely known that he was a corrupted guy, a gangster and a crook, and the capitalist class of Ukraine is as corrupted and crooked as the Russian ruling class including Putin who is also a member of the Russian ruling class. The problem is that many peoples suffer from historical amnesia and they believe in all the false promises made by politicians, similar like in the USA whereas peoples do not care about all evidences against Trump proving that he is a crook and a criminal and he might be elected again along with others crooks. The Pandora and Panama Papers clearly indicated that there are several presidents and prime minister who are laundering money in offshores accounts, capitalists are cheating each others, and some of those crooks and gangsters are going to be elected again. Putin is the darling of the left and individuals like Noam Chomsky are supporting him


    The EU needs a new strategy on the war in Ukraine as punitive sanctions against Moscow have not worked, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said.

    “A new strategy is needed which should focus peace talks and drafting a good peace proposal…instead of winning the war.”

    He said that the Western strategy on Ukraine has been built on four pillars – that Ukraine can win a war against Russia with NATO weapons, that sanctions would weaken Russia and destabilise its leadership, that sanctions would hurt Russia more than Europe, and that the world would line up in support of Europe.

    This strategy has failed.

    “We are sitting in a car that has a puncture in all four tyres: it is absolutely clear that the war cannot be won in this way.”

    Orban called for Russia and the United States to hold negotiations to bring about an end to the war because Russia wants security guarantees only Washington can give.


    Ukraine has urged citizens in a key area seized by Russia to reveal where Moscow’s troops were living and who among the local population was collaborating with the occupying authorities.

    Doesn’t Ukraine know what happens to spies?


    “Putin is a darling of the left and individuals like Noam Chomsky are supporting him.”
    How is it possible that you can believe that? Here is a sample of words Chomsky has used concerning his views about Putin and his invasion of Ukraine:
    “The invasion itself was a criminal act, a criminal act of aggression, a supreme international crime…”
    “Putin and his circle didn’t try (to bring France and Germany into an agreement without military alliances). They reached for the guns right away. It was a criminal decision…an utterly stupid decision”.
    “What the Russians did in Ukraine is, of course, criminal. I have to applaud the New York Times for quoting the Nuremburg principles and pointing out that Russia violated them by committing the ‘supreme international crime’,..

    It’s all here if you want to read it:

    Noam Chomsky: A Left response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine


    “Doesn’t Ukraine know what happens to spies?”

    They know very this very well as the last time they urged their subjects to do this led to the Russian army executing those who followed that advice (shot with their hands behind their back) as in places like Bucha, now a tourist attraction for visiting Western politicians.

    They may even be counting on this happening again as a way of combatting the “Ukraine fatigue” that is setting in in the West. The cynicism of those in charge of a state at war and fighting for its existence knows no bounds.


    I will not put my hands in the fire for Noam Chomsky, he has adopted many wrong stands on several issues and he was one of the supporters of the so called lesser evil during the election of Joe Biden, and then, he changed his stands, he always spend four years talking about US imperialism and then he asks the US workers to vote for the Democratic or Libertarian party, and he has taken wrong stands regarding Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, and as an Anarchist he should not support state capitalism, any type of state or state capitalist leaders, later on he changed his view on regard to the government of those countries. There are several organizations from the left who have rejected his prior interview done on February regarding his stand on the war on Ukraine. If you go to RT in Spanish you will that Putin is the darling of the Latin American left


    Russia turns off the gas

    Gazprom said it was cutting daily gas deliveries via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to 33 million cubic metres starting Wednesday. That would correspond to 20% of the pipeline’s capacity. The current flow of gas into Germany is only at 40%.


    The UK government is also anticipating having to impose more “pain” on workers in pursuance of its policy of supporting the Ukrainian oligarchs against the Russian ones.

    It remains to be seen how much and how long workers will put up with this pain. The likely interim Prime Minister to take over in September, the ineffable Liz Truss, will delight in imposing this to help the Ukraine regime but it could be her undoing. Workers may come to recognise that they have no interest in the war there.


    Ukrainian refugees discovering hardships of being refugees

    Around half of the six million Ukrainian refugees who fled since February have already returned home, according to data from Frontex.

    Refugees from Ukraine were granted protection status in the EU for up to three years — as well as access to health insurance and the labor market.

    350,000 Ukrainians are currently registered as looking for employment in Germany, but many of them are struggling. The Munich-based economics research institute ifo, conducted a survey of almost 1,000 Ukrainian refugees in June and found that while 90% of respondents would like to find employment in Germany, only half of them have managed to do so.


    I think it’s naive to think workers here will turn against the war, or rise because of hardships. They wouldn’t even rise if told to prepare to die from atomic war.


    I was not suggesting that workers will turn against the war on socialist grounds. In fact it is more likely to be on populist grounds — why should we suffer because the government wants to support a war in “some faraway land”? I was just suggesting that the war will become unpopular.

    Nor was I suggesting that workers “will rise because of hardship”. But I don’t think they will accept lying down their standard of living being cut. In fact they are not. Ok, it is not manifesting itself in a massive growth of socialist understanding (though I would expect some growth however little) but only in increased trade union activity. But it is not nothing.

    I don’t agree that, faced with the immediate prospect of an atomic war, workers would simply prepare to die. I doubt if you really think that either.


    While Russia represses dissent and anti-war activists, so Ukraine creates its own black-list of pro-Russian propagandists such as Glenn Greenwald, Tulsi Gabbard, John Mearshimer and Rand Paul


    They would prepare to die in the sense of panic, and they would accept it because “there is nothing we can do.”

    Likewise with global warming. Everyone’s talking about “adjusting” and “coping” with it – as in “there’s nothing we can do.”

    How many times are households flooded out, and they just “cope”, because “there’s nothing we can do.”

    The poorest and the destitute among them are also the most patriotic and reactionary.


    French President Emmanuel Macron has strongly criticised African leaders’ response to the Ukraine war during a press conference in Yaoundé. Macron hit out at “the hypocrisy, particularly on the African continent”.
    He said that the only solution to Cameroon’s Anglophone crisis is decentralisation: “It is through this political process of dialogue and reform that a lasting solution can be found.”

    So the hypocrisy is clearly his in denying Russian-speaking Ukrainians their decentralisation.

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