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    The international importance of the strikes in Britain

    The strike wave in Britain continues. Transport, post, health, docks, education, local councils, Amazon – more and more workers are determined to fight for their most basic demands faced with surging prices, benefit cuts, deteriorating working conditions, precarious employment…For decades, the class struggle has been in retreat despite a relentless onslaught on our living standards. But there are now clear signs of a revival, and what’s happening in Britain can serve as an encouragement to workers everywhere: right now the workers in France are responding to the rising cost of living with a series of strikes and demonstrations in different sectors. The class struggle is international because the capitalist system that exploits us is a world system, and everywhere on the planet it is in deep crisis. And no matter which party holds the reins of government, they are all forced to make the working class pay for the crisis.

    The International Communist Current invites you to attend a public meeting from 2-5pm on Saturday, 12 November 2022,

    88 Fleet Street
    London EC4Y 1DH

    We will present our analysis of the current world situation and the significance of the current strike movement. We hope that this will stimulate a wide-ranging discussion around questions such as:

    How can we unite our forces as a class? Do the trade unions unite us – or divide us into different categories, each fighting in our own corner?
    How can workers really control their own struggles?
    Are our enemies just the Tories, or all the parties of the ruling class?
    What is the long-term perspective for our struggle faced with a world system which can only offer us poverty, war, and ecological catastrophe?
    Come to the meeting and help develop the discussion.

    Read our international leaflet on the importance of the strikes in Britain: https://en.internationalism.org/files/en/summer_and_autumn_ofanger_leaflet.pdf

    Write to us: uk@internationalism.org, or BM Box 869, London WC1N


    Please note that we have had to change the venue of the meeting. Same day, same time but now at:

    The Lucas Arms
    245A Grays Inn Rd, London WC1X 8QY

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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