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    So, Macron has called an election. So the National front (Nowadays called National Rally) did really well in the Euro elections 930 sets, and coming first in France). Overall, conservative parties did very well in France.

    So, Macron is gambling to call the bluff of the RN: they barely have more votes than the Leftist France Insoumise, and under enforced two round voting, RN might not win many more seats: Macron is gambling ether they’ll be shut out, or they’ll be impelled into a lame duck administration, so the boil might be lanced.

    A thing to note is these far right parties are not threatening to overturn democracy, however vicious their policies are (and they are in power in Italy currently).


    They are also against warmongering against Russia.
    Surely a right winger for peace is better than a left winger for war?


    Yes it’s not easy to decide who is the moindre mal if you believe in that principle. I have always liked Steve Coleman’s quip that what we are faced with is the evil of two lessers.


    Evil of two lessers. Haw-haw-haw. Priceless! Er, I don’t get it.
    The Coalman would crack ‘jokes’ at the Party’s expense before an unsympathetic audience. Never found those overly chucklesome either.

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    Apparently things are a bit hectic in France, the left have formed a popular front (including the “Socialist” Party), while the republican party has descended into chaos over whether to bloc with the national front, whilst other right wing parties descend into infighting: maybe Macron has wrong footed everyone.

    With the French voting system, it means the New Popular Front should make it to the second round (I believe top 3 go through in Parliamentary elections).


    Just checked, anyone with more than 12% goes through, but in practice that will be the top three. If RN come first, and Macronists 2nd, I’d expect NPF to split and give some votes to the Macronists. I don’t think the favour would be reciprocated, so NPF will only win seats basically, I suspect, where they already hold them, and where they come first in the first round.


    I don’t think the third or indeed any of the candidates has to go through. One of them can withdraw in favour of another. This will be why there is a two-week delay between the two rounds of elections — to allow deals to be done in smoke-filled rooms.

    I think the bar is 12.5%, one eighth. Which means that in theory 7 candidates could go through.

    Bijou Drains

    12.5 x 8 = 100, so theoretically there could be 8

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