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    Vin,I'm sure this can be done by party members. It will be like the speaker's test, but done in an aggressive manner to hone the members skills in dealing with hostile interviewers.Imagine a scenario of, say, two interviewers (played by party members) firing incessant, and often irrelevant, questions at the interviewee, not giving them time to answer properly, and the interviewee insisting that he deal with the questions in full, In other words, not allow themselves to be intimidated.There's also the question of radio phone-ins where the presenter can switch you off at a moment's notice before you can fully outline the socialist case. You have to try to anticipate what the presenter is going to ask, and try to expand on what you have said, thus making it more difficult for the presenter to drift off into irrelevancies. The interviewee, if necessary, can make a comment like: "As I suspected would happen, I am being asked the wrong questions.Just a few thoughts.


    I remember a tactic we used on the phone-ins in the NE. You could guarantee that if a member put the socialist case the 'presenter' –  who could not answer our argument while we were on the air –  would start pulling us to bits later, so another member would always follow up within about haalf an hour.Usually resulted in embarrassment and stuttering from the presenter  Yes we need to be well prepared. 

Viewing 2 posts - 226 through 227 (of 227 total)
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