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    Bill Gates and Big Pharma said it couldn’t be done

    Pfizer and BioNTech have said they struck a deal with South Africa-based company Biovac for the production of COVID-19 vaccines


    1.1 million children are now Covid-19 orphans due to the result of high adult morbidity.

    A conservative estimate is that over 4 million more children may suffer the death of parents and caregivers, through Covid-19, in the coming years.


    And also many children are going to die because their parents do not want to vaccinate themselves and they do not want to vaccinate their children. They are more inclined toward politicians than to scientific facts. Some Trump followers are rejecting the Covid 19 vaccines but secretly Trump got two shots, therefore, he is fully vaccinated and they are not


    There will be no doubt future court cases on Covid Vax-denialism as there already has been with various childhood inoculations.

    Jehovah Witness parents cannot legally reject blood transfusions if required for their children.


    The Jehovah Witnesses have their own internal courts and most of the elders are not lawyers or medical doctors. Nobody knows how many child molesters and sex offenders are preaching on the streets and giving bible courses inside of the home of many families. None of those elders don’t know the function of the circulatory system or cardiovascular system in the human body, they are basing their conception on an old book known as the Bible


    The last 18 months have shown, the British government’s Covid-19 strategy was never designed to manage the virus. For all the talk of “following the science”, use of scientific evidence has been adjusted to its policy preferences throughout. The twin alibis of incompetence and ignorance enabled politicians to deny responsibility for the consequences of their own inaction.


    Military deployed in Sydney, Australia to enforce the lockdown


    “We are going to see problems with Covid for a long time,” said Prof Adam Finn of Bristol University. “The virus has shown itself to be genetically more nimble than we expected, though not as much as the influenza virus. So I would envisage Covid being a continuing problem for some time, with annual death tolls reaching thousands and possibly tens of thousands.”

    This view was backed by Prof James Naismith, director of the Rosalind Franklin Institute in Oxford. “We won’t see Covid-19 spread like wildfire again. There will be enough herd immunity in the population to ensure it will never kick off like that again.

    “But everything will not be hunky dory. We will have waves of illness similar to flu, I think. And they will kill. The issue is: how many? That is difficult to assess but if you look at current Covid deaths, these are occurring at about 100 a day.

    “So a wave that kills a few thousand seems a reasonable measure of what you might expect in a future winter wave. And then, you might get a bad wave one year and have the tens of thousands of deaths.”


    Pfizer and Moderna, the manufacturers of two of the most effective COVID-19 vaccines, have raised the prices of their vaccines.

    The new price for the Pfizer shot was 19.50 euros ($23.15) compared with 15.50 euros ($18.39) previously

    The price of a dose of the Moderna vaccine was set at $25.50, according to the contracts, compared with $22.60 in the first procurement deal.

    The price hikes reflected the continued demand for effective jabs and that governments had become a captive market to pharmaceutical companies.


    Always failed to see anything funny about him, Jeremy Clarkson once again singled himself out as an idiot first class when he remarked in an interview “I think the politicians should sometimes tell those communists at Sage to get back in their box… if it’s going to be forever, let’s open it up and if you die, you die.”

    Has he become the male version of Katie Hopkins, seeking media exposure by making ridiculous statements.


    Peoples who have been infected with Coronavirus might get cardiovascular diseases. This virus is not a joke


    “Has he become the male version of Katie Hopkins, seeking media exposure by making ridiculous statements.”

    Clarkson has always made a living out of making ridiculous statements. I read that he’s had Covid himself so you’d think he’d know better. Hyperbole is his stock in trade. You only have to read his nonsense in the Sunday Times every week to see. He’s an arch supporter of capitalism, labels anyone who’s not right wing a socialist, and takes great amusement in winding them up. A bit like his fellow ST writer Rod Liddle. He’s also until recently been a climate change denier but may have slightly changed his tune on this because he’s bought a farm with some of his millions and at least nominally has something to lose by it.

    If faced with the calm and collected arguments of the WSM he’d probably just give us a raspberry.

    Bijou Drains

    Clarkson is now hosting “Who wants to be a Millionaire” with a new option of asking the host (i.e. him). When he has been asked to help the contestant to answer a question, he has unsurprisingly revealed himself as having a practically non-existant store of general knowledge. Why he thinks that anyone should turn to him for advice, information and guidance is beyond me. I have met several journalists through work and other situations and have been surprised how ill informed and lacking in insight they generally are, but Clarkson trumps them all.

    Here’s a link to Stewart Lee’s put down of Top Gear, which sums up the whole of Clarkson, et al.


    Now they want to blame the Delta spread on the emigrants. The poor peoples are being blamed again for the capitalist crisis

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