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    Yes, herd immunity is back on the agenda in Britain. The policy is to achieve this by a combination of vaccinating as many as possible and letting the virus rip amongst the unvaccinated who are assumed to be mostly the young and so less likely to end up in hospital and/or die. That way enough people should have enough anti-bodies to keep the virus at bay.

    I hope they know what they are doing as many informed commentators are referring to it as an “experiment”, which suggests that they are not sure whether it will work, ie achieve herd immunity.


    Here where I live and elsewhere around the world in the developing and undeveloped countries, the extent of the initial pandemic was minimum, some said because of the demographic make-up of the general population is higher numbers of young people.

    But now there is an increase in its spread described as the second or third wave and the arrival of variants such as the Delta Covid.

    Worse is expected to come.

    Indonesia is being particularly hit hard. In its case, the vaccine has been acquired but the social service infrastructure is hindering its use.

    Vaccination programmes have not been implemented effectively if at all in the case of some African nations who are still relying upon the sporadic charity of donated vaccine

    If some countries are “bragging” about their “progress” and a return to normalcy, the rest of the world still remains largely at the mercy of the pandemic but as we know from the past…out of sight means out of mind, what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over.

    Public attention will shift. We saw it with the Euros, media circuses as a diversion.

    All the early talk of a Great Reset, of a new global empathy, has been just that – empty words.

    I seriously wonder with such a historic world-changing event as the pandemic as an example if climate change extreme weather disasters such as the European flooding and heatwaves in Siberia and Western North America will have any influence upon the decisions of the powerful.

    Cop26 will be significant in its lack of action


    If peoples continue trusting more on politicians, presidents, leak theory, and conspiracy theories instead of scientific facts this pandemic will continue for a long period of time.

    Those tactics are part of the so called herd immunity, they want to treat us like animals.

    When are we going to wake up from the capitalist daydreaming ?

    They just want peoples to comeback to work to continue producing more profits, if the system does not produce profits it will fall apart, but there is a group of small peoples who has become richer with this pandemic


    ALB – many informed commentators are referring to it as an “experiment”, which suggests that they are not sure whether it will work, ie achieve herd immunity.

    Boris Johnson’s plan to lift virtually all of England’s pandemic restrictions on Monday is a threat to the world …more than 1,200 scientists backed a letter to the Lancet journal warning the strategy could allow vaccine-resistant variants to develop…The letter to the Lancet said: “We believe the government is embarking on a dangerous and unethical experiment…”


    Booster shots

    PS: Personally, I think a booster shot is needed


    According to the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) the vast majority of Covid-19 anti-vaccine misinformation and general anti-vax conspiracy theories originated from just 12 people dubbed the “disinformation dozen” have a combined following of 59 million people across multiple social media platforms.

    1. Joseph Mercola 2. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. 3. Ty and Charlene Bollinger 4. Sherri Tenpenny 5. Rizza Islam 6. Rashid Buttar 7. Erin Elizabeth 8. Sayer Ji 9. Kelly Brogan 10. Christiane Northrup 11. Ben Tapper 12. Kevin Jenkins

    Facebook has the largest impact. 65% of 812,000 Facebook posts and tweets came from the “disinformation dozen.” Another figure cited is on Facebook alone, the dozen are responsible for 73% of all anti-vaccine content.

    The CCDH is calling for social media to exclude them.

    It is to our credit that I have never heard or read of any of our members calling for the silencing of either avowedly anti-socialist or pretend pseudo-socialists from expressing provenly false ideas. Despite the great difficulty facing us, we still are committed to discussion and debate, not censorship.

    We opposed the Left’s campaign to deny dangerous fascists a platform and now the liberals seek to deny even a larger constituent the right to express their ideas.

    This I found was an aspect of our case that some on the right-wing websites that I visited didn’t expect. And when challenged to demonstrate it as more than gesture propaganda, they were genuinely surprised when I provided more than just a few examples of us putting our principles into practice.

    Perhaps, we should have a distinct regular monthly column in the Socialist Standard to ensure we are always associated with the freedom of democratic dialogue even for our opponents (something akin to the “Greasy Pole”).


    In that time dictatorship meant government, it was taken from the Roman Legal Code, it did not have the connotation of our time.


    According to a poll, more than half of the unvaccinated Americans say that they are not concerned about the Delta variant. It means that they do not care if they die or other people are going to die. In Africa, peoples are desperate in getting covid 19 vaccines, in Brasil People are dying and getting infected because they do not have vaccines

    Probably, NRMA will be used to cure other diseases. It is one of the most advanced scientific discoveries because now it takes a few months to create a vaccine before it took years to make one. The process of making this vaccine is very complicated, it is not as simple as soon conspiracists want to present it, they do not know anything about medicine, microbiology, or pahtology. The merit falls in all the scientists who developed this vaccine, and all the doctors and nurses who risked their life


    You just can’t win with capitalism. Lockdowns damage the economy (well, for most). Removing them causes hundreds of thousands of people to be pinged into self-isolation, damaging the economy.


    LONDON, July 19 (Reuters) – Britain’s Chief Scientific Adviser Patrick Vallance said that 60% of people being admitted to hospital with COVID-19 are unvaccinated, correcting an earlier statement he made on Monday.

    Vallance earlier said at a news conference with Prime Minister Boris Johnson that 60% of people being admitted to hospital with COVID-19 have had two doses of vaccine.


    Since the source is Dominic Cummings we can take it with a pinch of salt but Johnson was reluctant to tighten Covid restrictions as cases rose last autumn because he thought people dying from it were “essentially all over 80”. Johnson had wanted to let Covid “wash through the country” rather than destroy the economy.


    The U.S. recession touched off by the coronavirus lasted only two months, ending with a low point reached in April 2020 after the start of a sharp drop in economic activity in March of that year, the U.S. Business Cycle Dating Committee announced Monday.

    The committee, a group of macroeconomists who assign the start and end dates of U.S. business cycles, said that while the country had by no means gotten back to normal operating capacity at that point, indicators of both jobs and production “point clearly to April 2020 as the month of the trough,” with a rebound beginning in May.

    L.B. Neill

    Hi Alan,
    Long time since I posted.
    I like the idea of keeping the conversations going- that way we learn and progress to at least common points of shared understanding-
    I think you know me to be a Christian… and that in the past was never a stopping point for posts and I had learned much from such engagement.
    Thank you… and ‘greasy poll’ sounds like a great idea!

    Matthew Culbert

    We have a letters page, this forum and are willing to publicly debate for that. Only the party case should be in the articles lest confusion ensues.

    L.B. Neill

    Thanks Matt- yes I appreciate it would generate confusion!
    But good to hear from you again..

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