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    Leaders of China, U.S. need to set right course for bilateral ties, says Xi
    · 2022-11-14 · Source: Xinhua News Agency

    Chinese President Xi Jinping meets with U.S. President Joe Biden upon request in Bali, Indonesia, Nov. 14, 2022. (XINHUA)

    Chinese President Xi Jinping said on November 14 in Bali, Indonesia during a meeting with his U.S. counterpart, Joe Biden, that as leaders of two major countries, they need to set the right course for bilateral ties.

    From the initial contact and the establishment of diplomatic relations to today, China and the United States have gone through 50-plus eventful years, with gains and losses as well as experience and lessons, Xi said.

    Noting that history is the best textbook, the Chinese president said that the two sides should take it as a mirror and let it guide the future.

    Currently, the state of China-U.S. relations is not in the fundamental interests of the two countries and their people, Xi said, adding that it is not what the international community expects from the two countries either.

    As leaders of two major countries, Xi said, the two presidents need to play the leadership role, set the right course for the China-U.S. relationship and put it on an upward trajectory.


    A diplomatic row between Canada and China


    China set to triple its nuclear arsenal

    it is “likely” to have a stockpile of 1500 nuclear warheads by 2035 if it continues the pace of its nuclear expansion, a report released by the Pentagon revealed.

    It is estimated that China’s operational nuclear warheads stockpile has surpassed 400.

    China is also working to modernise its ballistic missiles that could deliver nuclear weapons. It launched some 135 in testing during 2021 – “more than the rest of the world combined”


    Just a big one is enough to destroy everything. They are collecting weapons in order to scare each other. If they destroy all human beings and nature, how are they are going to produce more profits and more capital ?


    But are they capable of long-term thinking?


    Looking for cheap petroleum as they are doing from Russia and Venezuela.


    A collaboration between the UK, Italy and Japan to develop a new fighter jet.

    The fact that Japan is involved suggests that they will still consider China and North Korea as a threat in the mid-2030s


    Australia’s paradox

    China is Australia’s largest trading partner worth more than Japan, the United States, and the Republic of Korea combined. Since 2009, China has been Australia’s largest destination for exports as well as the largest single source of Australia’s imports.

    Yet Australia participates in several military pacts against China.

    Australia as Frontline State in New Cold War


    Japan announced its plan to embark on a five-year, $320 billion military buildup to secure offensive strike capacity. Japan plans to buy long-range weapons capable of striking China, including hundreds of Lockheed Martin’s Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles and Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missiles.

    “Japan also plans to develop its own weapons, including advanced fighter jets, hypersonic missiles, and armed drones.”

    Japan “faces the severest and most complicated national security environment” since the end of World War II, according to the new blueprint unveiled by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s conservative government, which named China as its “biggest strategic challenge,” followed by North Korea.
    Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin on Friday warned Japan that “hyping up the so-called China threat to find an excuse for its military build-up is doomed to fail” and urged the country to “reflect on its policies.”


    Never take your eye of the China South Sea

    The Philippines ordered its military to ramp up patrols in the South China Sea in response to “Chinese activities” in the disputed waters.


    Taiwan will extend mandatory military service from four months to one year, President Tsai Ing-wen has said. Tsai said conscripts will also undergo more intense training, borrowing some elements from the US and other advanced militaries.


    A US warship sailed through the Taiwan Strait between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland on Thursday, prompting criticism from Beijing.

    The US military said the USS Chung-Hoon’s transit showed the US commitment to a “free and open Indo-Pacific”.

    But a Chinese embassy spokesman in Washington said the voyage was to “flex muscles” and accused the US of “undermining peace and stability”.


    A Chinese invasion of Taiwan would probably fail if the United States helped defend the island – but would come at a debilitating cost to the American military itself, according to military experts brought together by the Center for Strategic and International Studies to war game the conflict

    The wargaming tested 24 different scenarios focused on China attempting to seize the island by invasion in 2026.

    Without America’s help, Taiwan would be conquered by the People’s Liberation Army in three months or less.

    Chinese missiles would probably destroy US airbases in Japan and as far as Guam, and sink two US aircraft carriers and between 10 and 20 destroyers and cruisers as the invasion opened.

    The Chinese invading force itself would be destroyed before it ever occupied any significant part of Taiwan and ultimately it would be prevented from its goal of capturing the island’s capital Taipei.

    “The United States might win a pyrrhic victory, suffering more in the long run than the ‘defeated’ Chinese,” the report said


    Under the new strategies, Japan vows to build up its counterstrike capability with long-range cruise missiles that can reach potential targets in China, double its defense budget within five years and bolster development of advanced weapons.

    Japan’s Militarization

    Japan’s Constitution’s Article 9, states that “the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as a means of settling international disputes.” It goes on to commit that “land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized.”

    Japan’s military spending has grown to $50 billion a year and is about to be doubled. Japan currently ranks as the world’s eighth greatest military spender significantly ahead of U.S. allies like Israel, Italy, Australia, and Canada.

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