Which Way to Revolution?

April 10, 2010

Debate between Ian Bone, founder of ‘Class War’ and Howard Moss, Socialist Party.  London, 20/09/2008

Did Trotsky Point the Way to Socialism?

Public debate: ‘Did Trotsky Point the Way to Socialism?’ ‘Yes’ – Hillel Ticktin, editor of ‘Critique’ ‘No’ – Adam Buick, The Socialist Party  Hillhead Library, Glasgow, 24th January 2009

Part One of Two


Part Two of Two

Capitalism or Socialism? Debate with Eamonn Butler

A public debate between Eamonn Butler, of the Adam Smith Institute and Richard Headicar, the Socialist Party. Conway Hall, London, 4th February 2010

Part One of Three


Part Two of Three


Part Three of Three