Too Much Ado About: Primitive Fables, Hallucinations, Dreams, Myths

Every race, nation, tribe had/has its portion of these, the Zezuru, Zulu, Xhosa, Nyanja, Sena (Southern Africa) are no exception but, sadly unlike the Jews, Greeks, Romans etc, literacy came much too late to this region. Add the inferiority complex, the psychological defeat and awe of the conqueror. How can the subdued, timid, submissive, inferior native ever have confidence in himself or his defeated elder? Moreover, the aforementioned aliens have their myths well written down.

The local myths are not written down to date… our ancestors when hungry, would just go under a tree, clap their hands, tell the creator their needs and immediately food presented to them… that their neighbour can go from Harare to London and back within 3 hours in a rusero (winnowing tray) – an aeroplane takes two days  – and in most cases a person alleged to have such mystical powers is among the poorest and cannot point to Harare, let alone London, on a map.

But after consulting some prophet such a person might be axed to death. ‘Our daughter was doing very well in England until that their witch made the “visitation” … So, any wonder that people who can believe such silly tales are very cheap prey to the highly propagated, highly mystified Jesus who is but forever coming yesterday! The everlasting lie of course! While most Africans, due to wishful thinking are convinced by the silly eternal lie, in Zim in 2001, at 3.00 o’clock on 15 June (or was it 3rd June) and again (was it 9 December 2002) at 9.00 am, the much criticised scientists accurately forecast the eclipse of the sun, the exact date, the exact hour and duration. Which of the biblical wafflings has come true?

Poor backward Africa! While the West, Russia and China have learnt that all phenomena considered mysterious and transcendental can be mathematically and scientifically proved or disproved, the majority of Africans are still (in mentality) in the era of the Christian believers who shun reality, like the condemners of the Galileo Group. As such, as Galileo said that recanting would never make the Earth flat, the Jews were never wrong for dismissing the Christ Myth. And, like all dead people, he will not arise. In fact the catch trick (to fool weak minds, the timid and gullible) is in (a) John 14:19, (b) Acts 1:6, 10, 11.

Anyway, by saying that such utterances are from God (and not from cunning, dogmatic/despotic humans) are you (Christians) not depicting the same kind of loving/fair God as worse than a primitive ritualist (sacrificing his only son to end sin which has since multiplied) a tribalist, a liar who did not even know that before the 21st century there would be no more war of horses and swords but missiles from the Pentagon, Sandhurst, Seoul etc?


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