Sixty Inglorious Years

In our issue of October last, we printed an article quoting remarks made by Carrillo, the leader of the so-called Spanish Communist Party, saying that Russia is not Socialist and their Communist Party is not Marxist, thus confirming what we have consistently stated in these columns right from the start. (Of course this has not prevented Carrillo from accepting a gracious invitation to join in the banqueting in Moscow to celebrate the great anniversary of the State-Capitalist Revolution.)

Just in case further confirmation was needed, those other glorious “Communists”, the rulers of Red China, have not missed the opportunity of the anniversary to revile their Russian comrades. The Guardian of November 1 quoted an article from the People’s Daily of Peking which Reuters says is a restatement of the views of Mao and which is certainly a statement of the views of the present ruling gang. Comparing the two super powers, they say that the Soviet Union “is therefore more aggressive and adventurous” than America and then goes on to make the following choice pronouncement: “It has a highly centralised State-monopoly capitalist economy without its equal in any other imperialist country and it is a state under fascist dictatorship.” You can’t get blunter than that, even in Chinese.

L. E. Weidberg

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