The questions they ask

Mr. Speaker, I don’t like “Common Ownership”. I want to drive my own car, where I like; I want to live in my own house, and decorate it as I like; I want to dig my own garden and not somebody else’s. Won’t Socialism stop me doing this?

Answer: No! It will not. Socialism is the common ownership of the means of production; this means the vast modern production complexes, which have to be worked co-operatively, established in fact by capitalism.

Does our questioner want to operate his own North Sea oil rig, or steel mill, or chemical plant. railway or airport? He cannot do this NOW, under capitalism, neither he in socialism. Neither can he drive his own car “where he likes’, but only according to the Highway Code which is what society likes. If he ignores red lights, or goes to France and drives on the left, he will get killed or arrested.

Exactly what form transport or housing takes will be decided by socialist society, but we seen no reason, so far, why anybody wishing to design, construct and enjoy his own articles of consumption should not do so.

Socialism is not common ownership of consumption, which is individual—but production, which is social. Next question.


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