Party News Briefs

A last minute reminder that Conference is being held at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 4th, 5th and 6th, Fuller details elsewhere in this issue.
The Social Committee is making special arrangements to see that the Social and Dance being held on the Saturday shall be successful. It remains for comrades to bring friends along and arrive early so that full benefit shall be had from the Dance and Social. It is a few years now since we could say that this annual event was really what it ought to be, and with this in mind the Social Committee is “going all-out” to see that everyone has a really happy evening. A social is also being held on the Friday at Head Office. This commences about 8 o’clock and there will be refreshments available for all. These gatherings at Head Office are a good opportunity for London and Provincial Comrades to have an informal social evening after the first day of the Conference.
Ealing Branch. The winter series of lectures and discussions has come to an end, and the preparations for Annual Conference have been the main concern over the past few weeks. It is hoped, however, to run one discussion per month during the summer period when ordinary Branch business tends to fall off.
Preliminary plans have been made for a special propaganda effort when the by-election is definitely declared in Ealing South. Special meetings, indoor and outdoor, will be held and a special drive to sell literature by canvassing and at our opponents’ meetings will also be carried out.
A visit was made to the London Museum on 2nd March and was very much enjoyed. There was the usual successful social at a member’s home in the evening.
Will all members please note that the Branch outing this year is to Eastbourne on Sunday, 22nd June. There has been a very quick response for tickets and there are now only a few left. Members requiring seats are therefore asked to apply immediately, otherwise they will be disappointed. The price of the seats is 12s. 6d.
L.C.C. Election at Hackney. Members of Hackney Branch welcome the assistance of comrades in the forthcoming Council elections which take place on April 16th. Meetings to be held are advertised in this issue and there is plenty of other work to be done, particularly during the first two weeks of the month. Members should attend at the Election Headquarters, 56, Weymouth Terrace, E.2, on any weekday evening from 7 p.m.
Socialist Standard. The Central Literature Committee is now very well organised and with the opening of the Summer Outdoor season, it is hoped that members will co-operate more than ever to see that the circulation of the Standard increases. If every member made even a little more effort, the Committee are sure that sales will increase. We cannot all be speakers and writers, but everyone can be a “seller,” and what better medium to sell than the Socialist Standard.
Phyllis Howard

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