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Propaganda Meeting. With the advent of the colder weather it is necessary to curtail our outdoor meetings and as an alternative more indoor meetings are being held. In London, at Head Office, every Sunday evening, lectures are given with film illustrations and at 32, Percy Street, Tottenham Court Road, Bloomsbury Branch is holding regular Sunday evening lectures. These are in addition to the Hackney lecture and Paddington Branch Wednesday evening discussions. Full details of all these meetings are in this issue. Glasgow (City and Kelvingrove Branches) have also arranged Sunday lectures at the Central Halls, Bath Street, Glasgow.

* * *

Debate with the Liberal Party Candidate for Leyton is taking place at Leyton Town Hall on Wednesday, November 16th. Leyton Branch, who are organising this debate, ask that as many members and sympathisers as possible make an effort to attend. Full details are on the front page.

* * *

Lunch Hour Meeting are now held regularly at Lincolns Inn Fields—’Tuesdays and Fridays at 1 p.m. and at Tower Hill on Thursdays at 1 p.m. Party Members and sympathisers will have an interesting lunch hour and at the same time their support at these meetings will be of benefit to the Party and will stimulate the speakers who work well to make these meetings a success.

* * *

With much regret we have learned of the death from heart failure of Comrade C. T. West. He was 58.

He joined the Party in 1924, having been a conscientious objector in the 1914-1918 war, and imprisoned for a while in the Tower of London. At various times he was in the Clerkenwell, East London and Hackney Branches, and often spoke as chairman on the Victoria Park platform in the days when Alfred Jacobs was almost our resident speaker there. On at least one occasion, too, he came in conflict with Party rules.

A quiet, somewhat reticent man, West had considerable knowledge of Socialist theory, and was always ready to discuss Party matters beside his stall in a London market. One of his great wishes—it has been carried out—was to be buried m the Highgate Cemetery: the reason will be readily inferred.

We are sad at his passing, and offer our sympathy to his widow.

P. H.

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