Labour honours for Capitalists

We wait with interest a reply from any Labourite willing to offer us an explanation for the following selection [only a selection] of awards made in the recent New Year Honours List, issued under the authority, and with the blessing of a Labour Government “in power as well as in office.”

Sir Alexander Steven Biisland. Member of the Dollar Export Board. Chairman of Glasgow Industrial Finance (Development), Ltd. Chairman of the Union Bank of Scotland, Ltd. Chairman, Glasgow Stockholders Trust, Ltd. Chairman, Hillington Industrial Estates, Ltd. Director, Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Co., Ltd. Director, Colvilles, Ltd. Director, Burmah Oil Co., and other companies.

Mr. Colin Skelton Anderson. President, U.K. Chamber of Shipping. Director, Union Bank of Australia. Director, Orient Underwriting Co., Ltd. Director, Vancouver Investment Co., Ltd. Director, Not- grove Trust, Ltd.

Col. Robert Chapman. Chairman, North-Eastern Trading Estate, Ltd. Chairman, North-Eastern Investment Trust, Ltd. Director, Manchester Dry Docks Co., Ltd., and other companies.

Mr. Henry Laurence Urling Clark. Late Chairman of the Council of the Stock Exchange.

Mr. Cuthbert Barwick Clegg. Chairman, Cotton Spinners and Manufacturers’ Association. Vice-Chairman, British Cotton Industry Research Association. Vice-President, British Employers’ Confederation. Director, London and Lancashire Insurance Co., Ltd. Director, Martins Bank, Ltd., and other companies.

Mr. William McGilvray. Director, National Benzole Co.

Mr. John Coldbrook Hanbury-Williams. Director, Bank of England. Chairman, Courtaulds, Ltd. Chairman, British Nylon Spinners, Ltd Chairman. British Cellophane, Ltd. Director of other companies.

Col. Douglas Stephenson Branson. Director, Park Gate Iron and Steel Co.. Ltd. Director. British Law Insurance Co., Ltd.

Sir Hugh Trevor Dawson. Director, British Drug Houses, Ltd. Director, Decca Navigator Co., Ltd. Director, British Tyre and Rubber Co., Ltd. Director, Northern Commercial Vehicles, Ltd., and other companies.

Whatever may have been the feelings of Labourites, the Financial Times was very pleased to find that “Many ‘City names’ appear in the New Year Honours List . . . .” (2nd January, 1950).


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