Party News: Attention!


All who are interested are asked to note that our outdoor propaganda has not ceased. Our mid-week city meetings are still being run with even added success. The same is true of Hyde Park. Our audiences, literature sales and collections are larger than ever. Our speakers are treated with admiration and respect. Audiences are not so mad as they were twenty-five years ago. A generation to whom the last war is still a bitter memory are not so ready as they were in 1914 to suppress Socialist propaganda. . So come – along to our meetings and help to keep them going.

*  *  *  *  *

The ‘Socialist Standard’

In the future we are likely to be facing difficulties regarding the Socialist Standard. Among our readers there are a few thousand who would rather miss their dinners for a month than miss their monthly Socialist Standard. To those we address these serious words. You can be our saviours in the troublous times ahead. You want your Socialist Standard and we want you to have it. But among many difficulties we see ahead is one concerning the distribution of our journal. The usual means through which you obtain it are likely to break down. Newsagents may cease to sell it and the way to assure yourself of regular delivery is to become a monthly subscriber. The cost is a mere 2s. 6d. a year (or 4s. in a sealed envelope). Guarantee yourself of the delivery of your Socialist Standard and our future activity. Send us your P.O. (crossed) NOW. Branches and members should go out and canvass every member, ex-member, sympathiser and reader on the same errand. And remember, amid the sea of journalistic confusion which the future will bring, what the Socialist Party has to say will be more eagerly sought after than ever. Many working-class journals in America are sold mainly on the subscription method. The present circumstances are favourable for building Socialist Standard sales soundly on this basis. Get to it!

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