Wages in Germany.

It is interesting to know how our fellow workers in other lands are faring. From the Daily Telegraph (9/9/32) we learn that in Germany about 2,500,000 insured persons, or 20 per cent. of the total, earn up to 36s. weekly. About 7,000,000, i.e.. over 60 per cent. of the total, earn 24s. a week or less, and of these, 2,500,000 earn less than 12s. weekly, their wages being less than the unemployment benefit. It is now proposed to reduce even these miserably small wages on condition that the employers increase their staff. How to dispose of the extra commodities thereby produced is not explained. One day it will occur to the workers that they might just as well be distributed to themselves. When they realise this, they will be on the road to Socialism.

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