Islington branch

Are holding the following lectures on Thurs. evenings at 8.15, at Co-operative Hall, 144, Seven Sisters Road (entrance in Thane Villas).
Feb. 2nd—”Socialism versus State and Militarism” …… T. W. Allen
„ 9th—”Society and the Genius”…… A. Reginald
„ 16th—”The Economic Position of the Workers” … J. Fitzgerald
„ 23rd—”The Futility of the Reform Movement” … H. J. Newman
„ 30th—”Socialism and the Religious Question” ……

Have you read “Socialism and Religion,” the latest S.P.G.B. pamphlet? It will interest and enlighten you, whatever may be your outlook on the religious question. It is an important addition to working-class literature.

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