An Inconvenient Question-Socialism and the Environment

PDF version   Contents    Introduction 1:What is ecology? 2:Earth under threat 3:Profit wins, the environment also ran 4:The waste of capitalism 5:Earth Summits – a record of failure 6:Green reformism 7:Socialism – an inconvenient question? AN INCONVENIENT QUESTION – SOCIALISM AND THE ENVIRONMENT Introduction In recent years the environment has become a major political …

Marxism Revisited

Since the break-up of the USSR and its eastern European empire, with the consequent collapse of Leninist ideas of revolution, it has become the accepted wisdom that Marxism is outdated. In this series of public forums The Socialist Party examined that body of thought known as Marxism and reassessed its relevance to modern conditions and to the development of an alternative society.

Each forum lasted two hours including the discussion which followed each talk.

From ‘Summer School 1998’, 3-5 July, at Fircroft College, Selly Oak, Birmingham. Audio recordings are also available by clicking the titles below….





THE first edition of this pamphlet, which amounted to 20,000 copies, was sold out some time ago. The delay in bringing out the second edition has been due to that bugbear of working-class organisations— lack of funds. Perhaps those who are interested in seeing more pamphlets produced by us and who are able to spare a little towards this end, will bear that fact in mind. The more funds we have the more literature we will produce.

In bringing out this second edition we have brought some of the illustrations up to date and deleted others that are too old to be interesting and illuminating. We have also revised the text in places where we thought greater clearness of presentation would be achieved by so doing.

Our aim has been to give our fellow-workers as clear and concise a picture of their present position in society as is possible in a pamphlet of this size. How far we have succeeded is for the reader to judge.

From Handicraft to Capitalism (by Karl Kautsky, 1906)

From Handicraft to Capitalism (by Karl Kautsky, 1906)

S.P.G.B. Library No. 2.

Translated from the German by H. J. Neumann for The Socialist Party of Great Britain and approved by the Author.



By the courtesy of our Comrade Karl Kautsky—to whom we are indebted, not only for his readily accorded permission to reproduce in English, but also for his personal correction of the proofs of our translation— we are able to publish as our second contribution to the Socialist library which we are anxious to build up, the first section of Kautsky’s famous book, Das Erfurter Programme, a section which has already appeared through the columns of the Party Organ, The Socialist Standard.

Manifesto of the Socialist Party of Great Britain (6th edition, 1920)

Manifesto of the Socialist Party of Great Britain (6th edition, 1920)



Since we issued the last edition of our Manifesto the world has been convulsed with a stupendous war.

Like a consuming fire the militarist fever has swept through countries and continents. Passions which has laid dormant for years broke into fierce activity at the first blast of the war trumpet, and foul jingo sentiment surged over almost every European country at the first tap of the drum.