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    L.B. Neill

    Thanks ALB,
    Will do.

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    L.B. Neill

    Hi all,
    Mike in the Asia region is giving a discord talk in October.
    Are you able to help me with the invite to it?
    Sorry I could not attend the August one: it happened on my birthday and my family had planned much needed celebrations…
    Be safe,
    Mr O’Neill 🙂

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    L.B. Neill

    Hi MS,
    Yes it is a complex situation indeed. It seems the antivax protests had taken hold.
    However on a positive note: Australians are now turning out and getting vaccinated and the lockdowns have continued in many states… I myself am feeling the weight of the restrictions, though I typically spend a lot of time in my mind-scape!
    The good news is a lot of ozzies are pro-vaccination (est:95% supportive of vaccine campaigns in general). Yet there are a noisy minority influenced by the Big 12 influencers who wreak havoc on scientific truths on social media… I think Alan had posted on this 12 influencers recently… time to name the network and hold them up to fact checks.
    Be safe brother.

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    L.B. Neill

    “A one child limit on births for each and every child rearing/fertile unit of two persons would result in a 50% reduction in earth’s human population in one generation. 7.7 billion reduced to just under 4 billion in one generation…Instead of UBI and UBS, we should pay people to voluntarily block their fertility after their first child.”

    What a really sad ideology! Birth control as a welfare payment to the working class and the precariat. Birth as a financial privilege (dominant classes able to freely give birth: another class who are in poverty and have no finance surrender their reproductive rights after the first child just to receive a payment).
    Smacks of reproductive control and a commodification of the womb. Wonder who is sterilized: will their thinking fall heavily on women? That is another question!
    We have enough resources to our current and future populations, bar the coagulation of wealth and productive resource controlled in the apex structure.
    I am reminded of Ian Banks and Ken Macleod literary comments on money: wherever their is money there will be poverty.
    Our people are our wealth… every countless one of us is precious.

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    L.B. Neill

    Thanks Matt- yes I appreciate it would generate confusion!
    But good to hear from you again..

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    L.B. Neill

    Hi Alan,
    Long time since I posted.
    I like the idea of keeping the conversations going- that way we learn and progress to at least common points of shared understanding-
    I think you know me to be a Christian… and that in the past was never a stopping point for posts and I had learned much from such engagement.
    Thank you… and ‘greasy poll’ sounds like a great idea!

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    L.B. Neill

    “Re: common sense …Some find the possibility of socialism so outrageous to common sense that, after becoming acquainted with our case, they opt rather to be flat-earthers, and join those instead! :/”

    Thomas, that sounds like me…
    Promoting class awareness in faith based communities is thwart with divisions and schisms of all kinds. You will be surprised how many are keen to consider it…
    However, we need to have consistent messaging in the social discourse that evidence based science is adhered to during this pandemic- there are enough schisms as it is.
    Wez I hear you- bioethics is the engine room that tells us not just what the science is: but regulates its use (a philosophy of science if you will).
    I do not think one person here is against science- that is the practitioner of science… just the coagulation of wealth it generates in the form of mass profits.
    From your resident flat earther,

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    L.B. Neill

    Welcome to Britain, the add might say!
    Unfair dismissals: well it is an unfair system.
    If you feel your rights at work have gone…
    … no worries, it is due to your right to be treated unfairly.
    Welcome to Britain: making every effort to ensure you receive all the unfairness you are entitled to.
    If you have been treated fairly at work: please report it to the Ministry of Unfair.
    Next: kids right to workplaces that ensure injury. It is your unfair right!

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    L.B. Neill

    I am not a statistician, but use theoretical probabilities in efficacy of social assistance.
    There is a theoretical probability (1 in 2 chances expressed as a percentile is 50%). This is theoretically probable with very large number with 2 possible outcomes. Mass populations, or numbers can arrive at an efficacy of 50:50
    However in experimental probability of efficacy, it looks at the actual n or numbers in the control group. I think it is way too early in the roll out and trials to get a theoretical prob- sorry I am use to using p(x) values… so forgive me.
    If efficacy stands at 50% in the observable trials- then 50% it is at the moment, could adjust over time.
    Control group, sample sizes, are usually equate to the populations and its numbers to capture it, but the error margins will always occur.
    This may help or complicate further- but worth a trying challenge!

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    L.B. Neill

    We are political comrades with a common aim and shared strategies to achieve it. Beyond that, personality-wise, we are very diverse individuals – and that is a bonus.
    I think this Lumpen thing has gone on for too long. We are diverse people- and yes a bonus.
    You may know my flaws too- we must sound like a band of noisy advocates rubbing hurts into one another.
    When is the last time anyone spoke positives about one another?
    Arguments aside, now and then we might speak good words to each other (I am not offering a group therapy session- would need a team).

    L.B. Neill

    But on a positive note: is this the escalation (a kind of Ken Macleod scenario). The straw that breaks the donkey’s back…

    L.B. Neill

    I knew it.
    1. Separate from a collective (as a nation).
    2. Erode worker rights to make goods more competitive abroad.
    3. Welcome to the sweatshop!

    There should be more steps… slow and gradual: so the nation is on board- buying into the ‘dream’. One day some oppressed supporter will say: “we made our rights and labour so cheap that we are the dominant go-to nation for jobs”. Then be made homeless after the OBE received rusts- like a Stalin Star for shovelling shit.

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    L.B. Neill

    “I have not heard the term to be applied to peasants, but the Marxists Humanists are saying that the lumpenproletariat is going to be part of the socialist revolution which contradicts the analysis of some groups within the left”

    MS, what is the story with leftism- In social science humanism is a little okay (person centred theories). When it comes to Marxism- it seems every individual for themselves- but according to a politburo say so.
    I could imagine driving my tractor. Some humanist glorifies my hard work, then says the new regulations are for my humanity: as authorised by the vanguard.
    I will continue to chew on straw, it seems what we do to some, and continue getting what needs to be done… and under the tyranny of state capitalism.


    They can predict all they want- but they predict a different kind of leather. Do I look good in this? Not sure- take your boot from my face and then I can tell you.
    I hope this is not off topic- but the same operation applies to American elections: different leader and different boot.

    I will keep chewing straw.

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    L.B. Neill

    MS, Thank you.
    Some terms should be allowed to fall away. This is one term with so much flux and ambiguity- and used as a tool that seems to divide workers (and those who are unemployed).
    Those who are not conscious of the oppressive nature of class domination would be further polarised within their status with such degrading terms.
    It reminds me of the term ‘trailer trash’ for white Americans living on the margins. Others who are in alienated positions can hurl that term- and for a moment of perceived dominant status. Fleeting and intoxicating. Do more of it to sustain a fake high.
    I will own the terms of oppressive labelling so that I can put them in their rightful place- together, united, and with no shame.
    I hear a song coming on “It is a Working Man I am”! But that song needs new lyrics- to include the unemployed (or unemployable).
    Not sure if America and the election narratives have included the unemployable- not even the unions have a robust argument for that.

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    L.B. Neill

    Buddhist John: vote World Socialism.
    “falls in line with my religious beliefs and military value”: now this will keep my semiotic brain active for some time.
    I am reminded of ” war is peace”. But I am encouraged in my next interactions with military supporters that it need not be. Choosing no to violence: choose to change the mode and flatten the power apex.
    No animals/humans hurt during the flattening of the apex structure

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