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    When Karl Marx arrived at the Pearly Gates, St Peter had a problem: Marx was listed in the Big Book.  St Peter gave God a quick call to explain that Marx had turned up and what he should do about it. ”Marx!” said God “How in hell did he get on the list. He’s been bad-mouthing me for years. 'Opium of the masses’ indeed! Give Old Nick down below a call and see if he’ll take him, he owes me a favour or two.”

    St Peter dutifully rang Satan. ”Yeah, go on, we’ll take him.” replied Satan ”Dunno how he didn’t get in here in the first place given all the trouble he’s caused.”

    So Marx was sent down to Hell.

    Two weeks later, Satan rang God. ”See that Marx character, its really not working out, you know. All the demons are on strike, there’s demonstrations everyday, and he keeps encouraging people to throw off their chains. He’s causing absolute chaos. He was on your list, you need to take him back.”

     Eventually God reluctantly agreed that Marx could be admitted to Heaven after all.

    After a couple of weeks went by and Satan rang God to see whether everything was working out, but an angel answered the phone. “Hey, Gabriel”, said Satan “can I speak to your boss?”

    ”Boss?” said the angel

    ”Yeah, you know, that God bloke” said Satan impatiently

    “Oh, him!  Ah, no, not any more”, replied Gabriel “No bosses here, we’re all comrades now!”


    lol, nice one

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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