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    Sadly Marcos the vast majority of workers don’t even realise they are living in Capitalism. That’s how insidious it is. To them it’s just “life”. They don’t even know what a social system is. They are just trying to survive.


    I’m not so sure about all that.

    I feel there is a change in people’s attitudes and an increase in discontent and resistance. Yes it is misdirected but it exists and i believe it is growing.

    We cannot expect class struggle to be so linear and without turns and twists. There will be set-backs but there will also be progress culminating in ideas being transformed.

    He might not be everybody’s favourite but i found these observations from Wilhelm Reich in Sex-Pol to be pertinent.

    “Everything that contradicts the bourgeois order, everything that contains a germ of rebellion, can be regarded as an element of class – consciousness; everything that creates or maintains a bond with the bourgeois order, that supports and reinforces it, is an impediment to class consciousness”


    “Against the principle of self-denial preached by political reaction, we must set the principle of happiness and abundance…Any socialist political economist can prove that sufficient wealth exists in the world to provide a happy life for all workers. But we must prove this more thoroughly, more consistently, in greater detail than we generally do”

    and again in these days of riots and looting
    “Question: If two human beings, A and B, are starving, one of them may accept his fate, refuse to steal, and take to begging or die from hunger, while the other may take the law into his own hands in order to obtain food. A large part of the proletariat, often called the lumpenproletariat, live according to the principles of B. Which of the two types has more elements of class consciousness in him? Stealing is not yet a sign of class consciousness but a brief moment of reflection shows, despite our inner moral resistance, that the man who refuses to submit to law and steals when he is hungry, that’s to say, the man who manifests a will to live, has more energy and fight in him than the one who lies down unprotesting on the butchers slab…we have said that stealing is not yet class consciousness. A brick is not yet a house, but you use bricks to build a house.”
    We concede that socialist consciousness on a wide scale is not going to emerge from mere abstract propagandising or proselytising.
    As Marx explains:
    “Both for the production on a mass scale of this communist consciousness , and for the success of the cause itself , the alteration of man on a mass scale is necessary , an alteration which can only take place in a practical movement , a revolution. The revolution is necessary , therefore, not only because the ruling class cannot be overthrown in any other way , but also because the class overthrowing itcan only in a revolution succeed in ridding itself all the muck of ages and become fitted to found society anew” – Feuerbach and Materialist Outlook
    We accept our role as more of a study group right now because they can only learn from their own experience. We see socialist consciousness emerging from people’s experiences of capitalism coupled with hearing the case for socialism through discussion and analysis. We may not seek to “lead” our fellow workers but it doesn’t stop us giving them a “push” forward, so to speak.
    Matthew Culbert

    The parasite class are at it already.

    British Gas-owner Centrica will tell thousands of staff to accept new working conditions, including no extra overtime pay, or risk their jobs.

    The firm said if employees don’t sign the contract, there will be a fresh wave of redundancies, although it insists that is a “last resort”.

    Centrica has already outlined 5,000 job cuts as customer numbers tumble.

    The firm said it had “been open about the changes” needed to win back customers.

    The proposals are all subject to a consultation period with unions, the company stressed.

    “Our employees’ base pay and pensions will be protected, but simplifying and modernising their terms is essential if we’re to become more flexible and price competitive,” said Centrica.

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