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    Brian wrote:
    Currently there’s a few members in the UK Chapter on TS 3 also advocating the use of edemocracy in a RBE.  They are also into the so called ‘transistional period’ arguments and consequently getting bogged down with a plethora of possibilities.   Which means I’m finding its an uphill battle trying to sort out the wheat from the chaff.  I could do with some help in this respect so the sooner some of you get the courage to venture onto TS 3 the sooner the discussion can broaden into the aspects of the revolutionary process.

    If anyone’s interested in this TZM team speak thing more information is here. I might give it a go soon, if I can get a microphone rigged up


    I see they’ve followed Comrade Andy Cox’s example and launched a spoof official petition themselves which the government is obliged to publish on its website. At least I think it’s not to be taken seriously as I don’t think they believe than a “resource-based economy” could be established just in Britain any more than we think socialism could or that HM Government is going to try to do either. Don’t think much of their claim, though, that “the continuing decay and eventual demise of the market/monetary Socio-economic system under which the world operates is a mathematical certainty”. Mathematical certainty !?


    This is a blog aimed at bridging the gap between The Zeitgeist Movement and Socialism.Please spread it far and wide in the Zeitgeist Community am a former Zeitgeister, now socialist

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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