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    The writer must be a Trotskyist because the failure of Cuba is not the failure of Stalinism, it is the failure of capitalism, the same one that existed in the Soviet Union since 1917 presided by Lenin and Trotsky. Joseph Stalin was a Bolshevik like any other bolshevik leader and he followed the same path established by all of them. Stalinism is not an economic system


    The Anarchists in Cuba had more influence in the ranks of the working class than the Communist Party. The grandson of Ernesto Guevara was an anarchist, and he said that his grandfather left Cuba because he had personal contradiction with the leaders of the Cuban government


    The Cuban government requests aid from other countries as well as from the Catholic charity Caritas International.

    Kilian Linder, Caritas project officer in Cuba explained, “There are more doctors per inhabitant than in Germany and Cuba has often provided medical care in emergency situations.” For the government to eat humble pie and ask for help, he said, showed how drastic it thought the situation was.

    Caritas flew in personal protective equipment (PPE), face masks, ventilators, testing kits and medicine to Cuba as fast as possible. Russia has also sent 88 tons of humanitarian aid, including food, and China has provided 30 ventilators and plans to send more equipment. Venezuela sent food by ship. Mexico also sent a ship with food and oxygen with two more expected to follow.

    Meanwhile, Biden continues the sanctions


    Cuba continues its free-market reforms

    It has legalised small and medium-sized private businesses in the wake of protests last month. Under the new rules, enterprises with up to 100 employees will be allowed.


    “Cuba continues its free-market reforms”

    That is what the left in Latin America call socialism, but it contradicts the socialist principles of the common possession of the means of production, free access society and the elimination of the market system. Anybody who knows certain Marxist principles will understand that it is just another capitalist society

    Neither fatherland nor death, nor fatherland and life. Proletarians have no fatherland

Viewing 8 posts - 46 through 53 (of 53 total)
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