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    Trying to keep the votes of the Cuban in Miami, but the reality is that the demographic situation of Florida is changing and more Puerto Ricans, Salvadorean, Hondurans, and Dominican are moving or retiring to that area and most of them always vote for the Democratic Party


    Cuba continues economic reforms

    the Cuban government will allow small private businesses to operate in most fields, eliminating its limited list of activities


    89 yr old Raul Castro said Friday he is retiring as head of Cuba’s Communist Party, with the sense of having “fulfilled his mission and confident in the future of the fatherland.”

    He previously indicated that he favors yielding control to 60-year-old Miguel Diaz-Canel, who succeeded him as president in 2018 and is the standard bearer of a younger generation of loyalists who have been pushing an economic opening without touching Cuba’s one-party system.

    Don’t expect any change from the USA


    Raúl Castro should be called the head of the nationalist party of cuba like his brother Fidel Castro which was also a bourgeoise nationalist like Cardenas, Perón and Sandino.

    Socialism in one country is a fallacy created by the Bolshevik and revolution made by an individual or a guerrilla fighter is another distortion made by the left and it also contradicts the materialist conception of history

    Cuba is a capitalist country like any other capitalist country which exists in Latin America including Venezuela

    The economical failures of cuba and Venezuela can not be blamed on socialism but in the capitalist mode of production headed by a capitalist state and capitalist leaders


    For the 29th year, the members of the UN General Assembly voted in favor of a resolution demanding an end to the 60-year U.S. economic blockade on Cuba.

    184 nations voted for the resolution, while the U.S. and Israel voted against it. (Three nations — Brazil, Colombia, and Ukraine abstained.)

    Biden newly declared foreign policy called “rules-based order” actually means the United States-based order.


    The only difference between all the USA presidents is the last name, they are all the same, and they defend the same interests,

    it would be better to vote for one of the personalities of Disneyland.

    They can elect an Apache, or a Cherokee and he/she will the same job, it is a very well greased machinery, and the conception of American first was not brought by Ronald Reagan or Donald Trump, it has existed since the very beginning of the formation of the USA, and since the very beginning Latin America has been its backyard. ( More than 156 incursions and invasions )

    Saint George Washington who was a slave master wanted to take over Haiti, the whole history of the USA is a Greek mythology, and now they want to re write the real history

    The law of the land is still based on the Doctrine of Discovery.

    The UN can pass thousands of resolution toward Cuba sanctions and embargo and it will continue until the nation fall apart, it is a living proof that socialism in one country it is only a soviet fallacy


    The media are making a big meal out of those protests which appear to be identical to many of the anti-lockdown demonstrations we have seen everywhere because of the enforced economic hardships of the pandemic.

    And the anti-government slogans ..freedom down with dictatorship are also the same as heard in the anti- covid restrictions in the streets of London and elsewhere.

    Are they the signs of something more serious?

    Perhaps they might be the start of something.

    But we cannot rely on the media to tell us for real.

    Certainly, we cannot trust Biden’s vocal support for them as genuine concern.


    It is the first time that they go to protests to the streets since 1959. Probably, it is the beginning of future protests against the new ruling elite, There is not counter-revolution without a revolution and the 1959 revolt was an anti-agrarian revolution to establish capitalism, as Fidel Castro called it: A green revolution


    Erika Guevara-Rosas, Amnesty International’s Americas director, said at least 140 Cubans were believed to have been detained.

    “The idea is to punish those who dare to challenge the government … and send a message” that no further protests would be tolerated, said Guevara-Rosas

    Rallies had taken place in at least 48 separate locations, including Havana.

    Reporters Without Borders named the Cuban president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, as one of the “press freedom predators” of 2021, alongside Nicaragua’s authoritarian leader, Daniel Ortega, and Brazil’s far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, and called Cuba “Latin America’s worst media freedom violator”.

    Personally, I am still unsure if this is purely a pandemic phenomenon or something more fundamental and radical.


    They are just protesting against the actual social and economical conditions like any other capitalist country around the world, but it is not going to turn itself into a radical political movement. Actually, Cuba has handled the covid 19 pandemics in a much better way than other Latin American countries, and they have developed two vaccines.

    This is the opinion of a USA Trotskyist organization which has a different opinion compared with the USA Communist Party a long-time supporter of the Cuban government. They just see it as a problem between imperialist and anti-imperialist. In every nation, there are two different types of social and economical interests


    The progressive left defends the Cuban crackdown

    “U.S. media have paid little attention to the counter protesters, who have gone out into the streets to express their support for the government and Cuban Revolution.”


    The blockage is not the only factor that is producing the actual and past situation, it is the mode of production, Cuba is a capitalist country like any other around the world who has been impacted by the capitalist crisis, as well, Venezuela, and Nicaragua wrongly presented as socialists countries, the capitalist crisis existed before the pandemic They used to present Bolivia as a socialist country but after the military coup, they do not use the same conception. Peru is the new kid in the block. The left oscillate like a clock pendulum


    This is a more balanced report about the actual situation in Cuba. They are not thousands as the USA press has been publishing, and they are also opponents of the protester on the streets, and the protests are not based on radical political ideas, they are protesting like many peoples around the world ( including the USA ) regarding the problems created by the pandemic and the problems created by the USA blockade. The Cuban in Miami are asking the USA to initiate an invasion against Cuba like the ruling class of Haiti is also asking for an invasion


    Regime change

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