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    If he is a so-called freedom fighter that guy Marco Rubio can do what the Dominicans did, they organized several invasions by themselves without the help of the USA and the CIA and they landed on the beaches and most of them were killed.

    He wants somebody else to do the dirty job for him while he is having a good time in Miami, living on the same lie known as the fight against communism and he has not read a pamphlet about communism

    The Escambray Mountains are still there, in Cienfuegos and Santa Clara, it has not moved. Alberto Caamano with a few men landed by himself in Playa Caracoles and he was killed.

    This “freedom fighter”( along with others ) has also supported the embargo against Cuba, and now, he is talking about freedom, hunger, and the free market, he was a member of the most reactionary political party known as the Tea Party

    Urbano Gilbert who was from the Caribbean told to Sandino: General, Where, and when do you want me to land? , and he did it by himself, he was one of the people who fought with Sandino in Nicaragua and most people do not mention him because he was not a Nicaraguan like the real “liberator” of Cuba known as Maximo Gomez was not a Cuban either.

    General Dominguez who was an ambassador in Chile left his post and traveled by himself to fight in a revolt and he was killed

    More than 2500 Puerto Ricans were part of that war in Cuba and hundred of Haitians were part of the revolt of 1965 in the Dominican Republic

    My father used to say that the difference between an adult man/woman and a child is the type of toys that you play with


    Alexandria Ocasio Cortez slams the Joe Biden administration in regard to the imposition of the Cuban embargo. She should know better than the Democratic Party is the political party of one sector of the USA capitalist class.

    All these Senators just want the vote of the voters from the State of Florida, to continue receiving their high salaries and privileges. If they were making $15.00 an hour they would not want to be senators or representatives


    Yes, some people are taking delight in the situation that sanctions has largely brought about. “Sanctions” are an act of war, legalised by the UN charter. They have replaced gunboat diplomacy but their effect on the population of the country attacked is worse.


    Based on the rules of Nuremberg imposing embargos and blockades in other countries is an act of war. The same countries that went after the German Nazis are the ones placing embargos in other countries that they can not control or dominate. No worth the paper

    All these senators are a bunch of criminals, now, they want the USA government to send troops to Haiti and Cuba, a confrontation with Cuba would be catastrophic because they are heavily armed like Venezuela and might produce a deep crisis in Latin America


    Most capitalists’ powers and their so-called peace organizations have violated these international rules including imposing embargo, blockade, and immigration law.


    A useful essay

    My Heart Aches for Cuba — and I Yearn for More Solidarity From the Global Left

    Acknowledging the mass nature of the protests in Cuba and explicitly condemning the state’s repression of the protesters does not require lessening the vehemence of their calls for the U.S. to end the embargo, or muffling their adamant opposition to U.S. intervention in Cuban politics. But it does mean that more people within the global left must make a real effort to gain an understanding of the realities on the ground in Cuba.


    The argument of the left and the right are both the same because they claim that it is a struggle between socialism and capitalism or vice versa, which is totally false

    It is a struggle between two capitalist ruling classes, and two capitalists states, and two capitalist modes of production, state capitalism versus market ( or mixed ) capitalism

    Nationalization of the means of production is not socialism, it was an economic process started by the capitalists and the Manchesterists in England to protect their own economic interests

    The case of Cuba has proven what we have said for many years that socialism in one country is an impossibility and that it can not be established by leaders and by a coup perpetrated by Blanquists


    I like the description – “sugarcane stalinism”

    A rather lengthy essay but thoughtful


    Our Twitter feed is picked up

    If the Socialist Party of Great Britain is an authority on such things, it is official: in light of recent anti-communist protests and civil unrest, Cuba has been demoted to “Not Real Socialism” and reclassified, along with the USSR and other failed socialist experiments, as “actually state capitalism.”


    There are not communists in Cuba and people are protesting against the conditions produced by state capitalism like in any other capitalist country. Most of the Cuban people do not know what socialism/communism really is including the ones who left and live in other countries. If there was a political party like the SPGB its members would be taken to jail or would be persecuted by the state. Nationalism has nothing to do with socialism/communism


    If the Socialist Party of Great Britain is an authority on such things, it is official: in light of recent anti-communist protests and civil unrest, Cuba has been demoted to “Not Real Socialism” and reclassified, along with the USSR and other failed socialist experiments, as “actually state capitalism.”

    Another so-called university teacher whose does not know the difference between socialism and capitalism. There has not been any socialist experiment, and socialism is not an experiment either, it is a world society based on social production.

    From the very beginning in 1917 we knew that the Soviet Union was just another capitalist society, we have not reclassified anybody, we knew about the capitalist nature of the Soviet Union, the Eastern European countries, China, and North Korea.

    Socialism has not failed because it has never been tried, what has failed and continues failing is capitalism. He should do his homework, he is still in kindergarden.

    Cuban peoples are not protesting against a wageless, stateless, free access, and moneyless society and they do not possess the means of production, it would be like shooting themselves. Ironically, Ernesto Che Guevara was the head of the Central Bank of Cuba. It is a society based on the system of profits


    Russia sent 88 tons of humanitarian helps to Cuba and also Mexico sent two ships of humanitarian to help Cuba, by the meantime the USA imposed more sanctions and restrictions on Cuba. During the presidential campaign Biden promised to restore the guidelines established during the government of Barrack Obama, it has been proven that it was only a lie, he just want the votes of the peoples of Florida


    We of course have our differences with the ICT but this article on Cuba by them is a very helpful and useful read

    “Cuba is the latest illustration of the failure of the Stalinist recipe of party dictatorship behind national borders, which palms off socialism as the development of the productive forces within a money based economy whilst every capitalist category, from wage labour to commodity production, from surplus value extraction to the concentration of privilege at one pole, is retained…Capitalism in all its variants, regardless of the degree of state intervention in the economy, even outright ownership of some or all the means of production, only offers worse, then worse again. Socialism or barbarism, revolution or ruin, an increasingly overdue struggle for a future or what is increasingly looking like generalised societal collapse should we continue on the current trajectory. Cuba’s protests are just the latest evidence of the dead end of Stalinism, itself one aspect of the dead end of global capitalism.”

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