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    Wergittep Eki wrote:
    Vin wrote:
    Ike Pettigrew wrote:
    moderator1 wrote:
    Reminder: 6. Do not make repeated postings of the same or similar messages to the same thread, or to multiple threads or forums (‘cross-posting’). Do not make multiple postings within a thread that could be consolidated into a single post (‘serial posting’). Do not post an excessive number of threads, posts, or private messages within a limited period of time (‘flooding’). 

    The tone of this thread, I feel, was fine until Vin joined it.  

    Rubbish. Ike Pettycrew and other ex member Johnathan Chambers are responsible. If you care to check, I only reply to posts that reference me and are usually abusive. Like this one. Or I have asked a simple question and you spoiled the thread with a personal attack rather than answering the questionBy the way the tone of this thread was already offensive long before I joined.

    LOL.  You are a hypocritical, fork-tongued, two-faced fuckwit.In common with the rest of the SPGB, you think white women should be raped by foreigners, to bring about socialism, much like a "socialist" might want more profits for British Gas or might want a railway co-operative because that "speeds up the collapse of capitalism".You are a vile, hypocritical, rape-apologising, thuggish, violent, idiotic, narcissistic, self-righteous, childish, fork-tongued, double-dealing cunt.

    This user is placed on an indefinite suspension for using a sock puppet account: 1. The general topic of each forum is given by the posted forum description. Do not start a thread in a forum unless it matches the given topic, and do not derail existing threads with off-topic posts 7. You are free to express your views candidly and forcefully provided you remain civil. Do not use the forums to send abuse, threats, personal insults or attacks, or purposely inflammatory remarks (trolling). Do not respond to such messages..8. Do not register or operate more than one account without first obtaining permission from the moderators. Do not share your password with others or allow anyone else to use your account. Do not use your account to post messages on behalf of any suspended user, without prior permission from the moderators.


    Another happy day on the SPGB forum. Morning all!    

Viewing 2 posts - 91 through 92 (of 92 total)
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