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    Given Elon Musk’s determination to make Twitter his private property, and now apparent likelihood of this succeeding, would it not be advantageous if the Socialist Party considers starting the process of creating a socialist alternative? By this I simply mean immediately registering a .com website and putting up a landing webpage pointing out the obvious problem that a capitalist billionaire owning a social media site like Twitter means he, or his employees, could take a hostile approach to anti-capitalist organisations and parties like our own. The initial outlay is only going to be around £10-£15 for the domain name, and for this, we can potentially obtain a lot of free publicity in the media. The actual formation and activation of such a social media site can take place later, ‘as and when’.


    If it happens, what about engaging with the Fediverse – a World Socialist Movement Mastodon instance perhaps?


    He rejected his bid to buy Twitter. I knew since the very beginning that it was not to take place, but they might sue him . Contract Law has many loopholes

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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