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    Bijou Drains

    TS, the difference between the conflicts you mention and the Russian – Ukraine conflict is (and this is really important) that the Russians are actively recruiting and asking for support from the likes of yourself.

    You actually have the opportunity for you to put your words into action! Here, finally, the opportunity arises where you can show the world that you are more than just a stuffed shirt full of cliches. TS, you can be the epitome of the “New Soviet Man” that Lenin and Stail eulogised. The selfless new man who is willing to sacrifice his life for good causes, as exemplified by lines from the poem “Vladimir Ilyich Lenin” by the Soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky:

    Who needs a “1”?
    The voice of a “1”
    is thinner than a squeak.
    Who will hear it?
    Only the wife…
    A “1” is nonsense.
    A “1” is zero.

    You, TS, you can show the world that you are beyond the individual, beyond the “1”, you are part of the collective.

    The collective good of the Russian people is calling you. Do what you are imploring the young men of Russia to do, join the Russian military. Can you imagine how proud you with your gun in your hand and your helmet on your head. You, TS, demonstrating to those vile and contemptuous members of the SPGB that you have the courage of your conviction, that you are happy to lay your life down to support the cause you believe in. (The accumulation of vast amounts of capital for the Russian ruling class).

    Because if you don’t sign up, I for one will think that you are just another poser, trying to boost his perilously low sense of self esteem by associating with something big and powerful. Your interest in politics being no more that a vain attempt to show to the world that has so far ignored you, that you really are windswept and interesting, despite all of the evidence to the contrary.

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    Being part of the German media, DW may well be deliberately misleading us with statistics.

    In 2014, when Crimea was annexed, two-thirds of the peninsula’s population was comprised of ethnic Russians.

    The situation in Ukraine’s east and south is different, as not even half of all people there are Russian.

    According to a 2001 census, most ethnic Russians lived in the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, making up 40% of the population. The regions of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson are home to some 25% and 15% ethnic Russians, respectively.

    I came across this pro-Ukrainian, anti-Russian 2018 essay which had an interesting scenario.

    Why the Volker-Surkov talks on Donbas cannot succeed

    “…The goal is to wait for the right moment when the internal political situation will develop in such an unfavourable way that Kyiv cannot refuse to implement the Minsk Agreements. And this would inevitably provoke a large-scale civil conflict. Then Russia would really introduce its troops, but they will be called peacemakers…”

    Didn’t play out as exactly speculated but I suppose the SMO was close enough parallel by declaring an imminent genocide.


    The voting papers in Donbass and Lugansk were in Russian only, but the ones in the other two regions were in both Russian and Ukrainian. I would guess that in Donbass and Lugansk the vote would be an expression of popular opinion as they have not been part of Ukraine since 2014.

    What is “an ethnic Russian” anyway? Speaking Russian has got nothing to do with biology. Being “Russian” is a political identification and there are plenty of people in Ukraine whose mother tongue is Russian who don’t consider themselves “ethnic Russians”. Zelensky’s mother tongue is said to be Russian and he’s from the Zapo whatever you call it region (and it’s different in the two languages). He probably still speaks it in private with his wife and kids.

    Next they’ll be referring to the Protestants of Northern Ireland as “ethnic Britons”.

    Incidentally, Israel annexed the Golan Heights (from Syria) and East Jerusalem without even bothering to organise a referendum, sham or otherwise. But then it us “our” breaker of the “international order”.


    “Next they’ll be referring to the Protestants of Northern Ireland as “ethnic Britons”.”

    You mean Welsh.


    This chap is ethnically Orthodox.


    I don’t think so. Most of them came from Scotland and spoke the dialect of English spoken in the lowlands. Some of them do consider themselves “ethnic Scots”.

    Ulster Scots in fact has the same status in Northern Ireland as Irish Gaelic, so it does.


    Could be Britons (Welsh), since some British (Welsh) tribes occupied the north too.
    I don’t know why U.K. nationals are called Britons by the media unless they are Welsh. The term British cannot be used politically until after 1707. Before then it was applied specifically and correctly to the Welsh and Cornish alone.
    The Scots who came from the north of Ireland were the Gaelic speakers of the Highlands. Lowland “Scots” are not Scots, but descendants of Anglo-Normans, Saxons (“Sassenachs”) and Welsh (Britons).

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    Fair enough. I see the point you were making. More generally, what we are talking about here is language not so-called “ethnicity” (the successor to the discredited term “race” and so objectionable on the same grounds). “Ethnonationalism” as promoted by both the governments of Russia and Ukraine is a species of racism.

    Bijou Drains

    Although many of the people “planted” in Ulster were from Lowland Scotland, a very high number were Border Reivers (the troublesome folk who never really obeyed the laws or “borders” which the state tried to create between Northern England and Scotland). Elizabeth 1st and James 1st & 6th tried to get rid of them by expelling them over to Ulster, although studies showed that many of them found themselves back in their ancestral lands.

    Names that are very common in the Northern Ireland Protestant Population are also common Reiver names (Johnston (and various spellings), Armstrong, Robson, Beatty, Hamilton, Graham, Elliott, Ridley, Charlton, Milburn, etc.). Lots of famous Northumbrians share the same surnames.

    In my dialect (Geordie), many words are common to Lowland Scots, Ulster Scots and Northumbrian (including Geordie/Mackem/Pitmatic). Most of them came from old Northumbrian, which gives the lie to the idea of a “Scotish” nation. Most of “Laland Scots” is based on Anglo Saxon late Northumbrian languages.

    Language, a bit like culture is constantly evolving and developing. Capitalism uses that difference to divide us rather than allow our differences to be celebrated and understood.

    Young Master Smeet

    Craig Murray covers this quite well:

    In his blog

    “Anyone who knows the former Soviet space well understands the crucial difference between “grazdanstvo” – citizenship – and “narodnosc” – nationality. It featured on all identity documents, including passports, in the Soviet Union and on post Soviet national passports, at least until countries joined the EU.”

    “There may have been a slight Russian speaking majority. 14.8% of those, Ukraine wide, who identified their nationality as Ukrainian, gave Russian as their first language. This was higher in the East and lower in the West. But those who self-identify as Ukrainian but speak Russian as their first language, are no different to English speaking Scots. Russian speaking was advantageous in the Soviet Union.”



    “Ethnonationalism” as promoted by both the governments of Russia and Ukraine is a species of racism.

    And the same one in Bolivia wrapped with socialist phraseology, it is just racism and nationalism, the south American natives were not a race, or an ethnic group, even more, mankind is not a race either, human being populated the whole earth without parcel and chunks known as nation-state or nationalities, it is a product of capitalism

    What is the difference between one Russian and one Haitian? None, just the colour of the skin ( produced by a gland, and some Haitians have light skin, no Melanin colour) and a capitalist parcel known as a nation, and a passport. Inside the body of a human being, I have not seen any passport or any flag, we have the same organs and the same pump known as the heart, and the same intestine full of smelly body waste

    There are no differences between Palestinians and Israelis, Palestine is just a subdivision of the Ottoman Empire, and both sides have been divided by ethnicism and nationalism, wrongly claimed as religious division, the Jews are not a race or a nation, it is the diminutive name of a person who professes Judaism, and Palestinian is just the name of a parcel known as Palestine, it is not biological, it is just sociological, both religious were created by men, and both are mythologies, the Palestinian nationalism is as bad as the Jewish nationalism, and both are not a nation. Christians, Jews and Muslims lived in Harmony and peace for more than 900 years.

    The ethnic and national fight is just crap


    This chap is ethnically Orthodox.

    A Catholic, a Muslim, a Buddhist, or Shintoist is a race too, and they have Catholic, Muslim, or Buddhist blood. In Histology blood is a liquid tissue used to transport oxygen and nutrients to the human body. The monarchy has the same blood that we have, they do not have blue blood


    The American word “hillbilly” has been said to have come from the Ulster-Scots (who were the earlier emigrants to the Americas long before the Potato Famine exodus due to being outcasts from both the Anglo-Irish and the Catholic-Irish communities).

    Apparently, they became known as hillbillys for their folk songs about King William.

    There were also Gaelic speakers in SW Scotland around Ayrshire and Galloway.

    Like all peoples, the Irish, English, Scottish and Welsh are mongrels, a mix of migrants and invaders.

    Dyfed was an Irish Kingdom we are told by historians. Dublin was built by the Norse vikings

    Also, little known fact is Lech Walesa of Solidarity fame, his name derives from Wallace when Scots involved in the Baltic Sea trade settled in Poland either as merchants or mercenaries.

    An interesting diversion but off-topic. Let’s return to the proper focus. Russia and Ukraine before as moderator I have to sanction myself.


    Movimiento, do the Trotskyists also espouse “national liberation.”

    Trotskyists, Stalinists, Maoists, Hoxhaists, Castroists, and Guevaraist come from the same root or the same tree which is Leninism or Bolsheviksism, and all support the anti-socialist concept of the national liberation of the self-determination of the peoples which only liberate one ruling class from another ruling class.

    In the history of Latin America, many so-called national liberators travelled and helped other liberators in different countries and some of them lost their life such as:

    More than 2500 Puerto Ricans participated in the war in Cuba, the real liberator of Cuba was from the Dominican Republic, they asked him to be a president and he declined the offer

    Several invasions left Panama with many guerrillas fighters and all of them were killed, Fidel Castro participated in one and escaped dressed as a woman, before the invasion in the yacht known as the Gramma

    Along with Sandino there was a fighter known as Urbano Gilbert from another country and told Sandino: General tell me the date, the place and when I should land with my rifles to fight with you and he did it, he died in another country

    Alberto Caamano left Cuba with a group of guerrillas fighters knowing that he was going to fail he was killed and infiltrated by the CIA, he was a right winger and a General, and he confronted 30,000 marines with the people from the poor neighbourhood.

    The Haitians participated in the Dominican revolution

    There was a battalion of men and most of them were homosexuals and women and many of them died

    During the Spanish civil war, there was a battalion of USA fighters

    There are more, they knew that they were going to die and they were ready to die because they were nationalists, and some of them called themselves internationalists.

    PS: The Trotskyists were rejected in Cuba after the revolution, but a very famous Trotskyist Celia hart ) was a member of the central committee of the CCP created by Stalinists


    The American word “hillbilly” has been said to have come from the Ulster-Scots (who were the earlier emigrants to the Americas long before the Potato Famine exodus due to being outcasts from both the Anglo-Irish and the Catholic-Irish communities).

    Hillbilly means peasant, like the expression Jibaro, Guajiro, Cibaeno, etc One famous hillbilly was a Marxist, and he knew Das capital by heart, and Hegel he called himself a hillbilly, he was one of the personal secretaries of Raya Dunayevskaya, and editor of a newspaper, he had the accent of a Hillbilly, he was not racist, he was not xenophobic, he was not nationalist, he was not patriotic, he believed in the union of the world working class, and he always said that men are more brainwashed than women.

    I think he returned all his war medals, he said that he was fighting to defend the capitalist class in Korea and that he was killing peasants and workers like him and that both instead of fighting against each should have been fighting against their own rulers.

    He knew that the soviet union and china were not socialists, he knew pretty well the conception of State capitalism. He participated in many anti-war protests and meetings, he was a member of a worker’s union and he worked in an assembly line, he called it the despotic line, and he used to say that Stalin loved the assembly line to exploit the Russian working class.

    He is living proof that workers can acquire class consciousness and factories workers can learn Marxism, and he grew up in the mountains selling Moonshine ( illegal whisky ) and he said that the state was an apparatus for oppression and domination all over the world

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