New leftist president of Colombia said that he is going to develop capitalism

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    Gustavo Petro, candidate of the pseudo-left coalition Pacto Histórico (Historic Pact), was elected president of Colombia last Sunday. With 50.44 percent of the vote, he defeated the fascistic candidate Rodolfo Hernandéz, nicknamed the “Colombian Trump,” who received 47.04 percent. The result was heralded as the first victory of a “left-wing government” in Colombia’s history.

    Gustavo Petro, presidential candidate with the Historical Pact coalition, waves upon his arrival to vote in the presidential runoff in Bogota, Colombia, Sunday, June 19, 2022. [AP Photo/Fernando Vergara]
    Petro’s and his vice president Francia Márquez’ election has been heralded as the newest achievement of a new wave of the so-called “Pink Tide” in Latin America. All of those identified with this tendency celebrated the event, among them Mexico’s Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Argentina’s Alberto Fernández, Bolivia’s Luis Arce, Peru’s Pedro Castillo and Chile’s Gabriel Boric. Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva, who intends to retake the presidency in Brazil’s October elections, declared that “[Petro’s] victory strengthens democracy and progressive forces in Latin America.”



    Afro-Colombians helped install a new government in Bogotá. Will it address their needs?


    The problem is not the pigment of the skin, the problem is capitalism. It is the same case of electing a Mulato ( A person mixed with African and European descendent ) like Barrack Obama in the USA. The Vice President of Colombia is a black woman and the president is an Italian descendent ( He is not a Criollo or Spanish descendent ) but both are not going to eliminate capitalist exploitation which takes place at the point of production for all colors and pigments including the Spanish, Basque descendant, the criollos, Indians, Mulatos, the Jews and the Middle eastern. Left-winger are applauding him but he has already said that the Colombians do not need socialism and he is an ex guerrillas fighter from the M-19


    Colombia’s new leftist government has proposed to tax the rich in an effort to combat poverty in one of the most unequal countries in the Americas. If implemented, the President Gustavo Petro could raise more than $11.5bn annually to fund anti-poverty efforts, free public university and other social welfare programs.

    The plan would raise taxes on the country’s highest earners – approximately 2% of Colombia’s population – cut tax benefits for the richest and fight tax evasion.

    The tax hikes would progressively increase as income increases. It would add an annual wealth tax on savings and property above $630,000, and would add a 10% tax on some of Colombia’s biggest exports – oil, coal and gold – after prices rise above a certain threshold.


    Is he going to tax the drug dealers? , they are the biggest money makers. Some drugs dealers like Pablo Escobar used to finance a whole poor neighborhood and he was protected by them

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