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    A land invasion of Gaza?

    “Israel has deployed tanks and troops to its border with Gaza…Two infantry units and one armoured unit were positioned near the border with Gaza on Thursday. At least 7,000 army reservists have also been called up.”

    Hamas said the group was ready for a “reciprocal” ceasefire if the international community pressures Israel to “suppress military actions” at the disputed Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. However, Israeli military spokesman Hilda Zilberman said Israel was not seeking a ceasefire at the current time.

    The harsher Netanyahu is seen to act, the better his chances of becoming Prime Minister again by courting the ultra-right zionists into a coalition with him.

    Hamas, too, are the beneficiaries of the Israeli actions, in their postponed Palestinian election and many suspect that they invite Israeli belligerence to bolster their credibility.

    For a timeline of events to show who are the aggressors

    Palestine protests: A full timeline of Sheikh Jarrah events



    The Guardian reports

    Units of the Israeli army have entered Gaza

    “Army spokesman Jonathan Conricus confirmed that Israeli soldiers had entered the Palestinian enclave, without giving any numbers…It is not yet clear whether the operation is a full-scale invasion of Gaza by Israel, or is at this stage a targeted attack “

    The Israeli army are shelling Gaza


    James, something else from the blog to link to on your cyber travels.

    It is a copy and paste of various bits and pieces which the Socialist Standard has said over the years, formatted into something which reads as if it was written for today’s crisis.


    Since the very beginning of the formation of the State of Israel the Socialist Party said that it was not the safest place for the Jews and that the formation of the state was going to increase the anti semitic sentiments of the Arabs and peoples around the world. Instead of following the advices of the Zionists they should have followed what Marx wrote on the Jewish Question


    A few weeks ago. About 60 Jewish weirdos were crushed to death at the wailing wall. This combined with a year of lockdown frustration and insecurity, evictions to make way for “Settlers” plus the fact that Netanyahu seeks a way out of his corruption mess may have resulted in this carnage.

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    The Nazis in Germany used to destroy the Jews’ business, synagogues and beat them on the streets, and now the Israeli are doing the same things in Israel against the Arabs, Palestinians, and some Israelis. Can this be called discrimination on reverse? According to the Bible, the real Semitic are the Arabs


    Joe Biden can’t duck the Jerusalem crisis.

    PS: The Leninists who were supporting Joe Biden election should publish a statement recognizing their mistakes and declaring that a capitalist president and capitalists political candidate are just like the eleted CEO of a corporation


    MS, i think they should acknowledge that their support was based upon Biden’s supposed domestic proposal sand not his foreign policies and as such, they placed their nationalist agenda before internationalism and the interests of the world’s workers.


    What they should have known is that a capitalist candidate or capitalist president is a capitalist president, that is the key to everything, it is national and international. For years the left has always had support problems and then they have to run a campaign of ideological rectification. I have seen the same things for decades


    It seems as if myself and others fell for Israel media manipulation. The story that a land invasion was imminent was fed to the news outlets to make Hamas militants take to their tunnels, where upon the tunnels were then targeted by air strikes.


    The same thing that the USA did with the Korean Airliners in order to detect the location of the Soviets radars


    FYI, James19

    The ‘War Without End’ blog-post has been deleted due to some supposed malware issue by Google Blogger and can no longer be linked to.


    You learn something new everyday

    The last US president who stood up to Israel and its lobby was George Bush Senior who with-held billions in aid money to first, Shamir, and then to Rabin to pressure them into the Madrid peace talks and to halt the settlement expansions.

    Rabin said he would comply but reneged once Israel received the loan guarantees.

    But for Rabin merely paying lip-service to peace cost him his life from an ultra-Zionist.

    The out-come in the USA was Bill Clinton courted the Israeli lobby assuring them that he would never do as Bush did and make American aid conditional and subsequently received all the Jewish-American political donations to go on to defeat Bush in the election.

    I think since then all the US presidents understand what is expected of them when it comes to policies towards Israel and to cross Israel at your peril.


    In today’s i paper Patrick Cockburn makes an interesting points. After pointing out that the old Ottoman province of Palestine has a population today of 14 million, 7 million of whom are “Jews” and 7 million are “Arabs”, he suggests that:

    “The best strategy for the Palestinians should be to use their great numbers in a peaceful mass campaign demanding civil rights and an end to discriminatory restrictions.”

    That makes some sense but is unlikely to happen but one thing is clear that the Zionists won’t be able to hold down by force half the population for ever.


    Hmmm….haven’t i sort of heard that somewhere else, ALB. Perhaps in an article submission ;-p

    I know where i first read such a strategy being proposed. Our own BillM quite a number of years ago. Can’t remember exactly where but since that time i have adopted the Greater Israel option One State as a go-to position when discussing the now unviable Two-State proposal and our own No State isn’t considered.

    I have tried to come up with a new name for Eretz Israel which would be acceptable to all. But i struggle. Perhaps others might have suggestions.

    Israel Philharmonic Orchestra was originally called the Palestine Symphony Orchestra, and the original name for the Jerusalem Post was the Palestine Post. But the fact they changed their names indicate it is not acceptable to the Jewish community.

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