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    Vin wrote:
    Matt is a member of the Internet Committee. The IC knows what's best and who should use what account. I believe this is what YMS means by 'party control' of accounts. Some small committee with the authority to instruct branches on twitter activity and in possession of all our passwordsI don't think there will be much support for that.

    No, it isn't.  I set it out above:

    1) Holding an authorised list of what are 'official' party accounts.2) Ensuring that no one person has exclusive access to those accounts.3) Ensuring that twitter account operators are clear in their obligations to the membership4) Having the capacity to remove an account operator by the responsible bodies (EC or branches).5) Having a clear process for appointing removing and complaining about social media account operators.
    Bijou Drains

    the issue of twitter and other internet based social media is a complex one. The party, rightly in my opinion  has special provision for those comrades who take on responsibilities such as acting as a candidate or acting as a party speaker.However one of the difficulties generally with things such as twitter is that they intuitively feel like a general conversation that you would have down the boozer, and god knows I've said enough stupid things when I'm full of ale, however they are not. A party speaker might say something that is questionable in front of a relatively small number of people and it will only be remembered and reported by those present. I can say something down the pub that disappears in the ether, however what goes on the net can be read by millions if not billions. We have all come across reports of "celebrities" of MPs who've made stupid comments they regret on twitter or some other social media, when they were pissed up or not thinking, just ask Adam Johnson (sorry to my Mackem comrades). We do need to be careful that this does not happen to our official postings.Consequently we need to have some degree of democratic party control over these outlets, however we also need to ensure that whatever controls we have over the outlets are also democratically controlled and accountable and do not set themselves up as judge, jury and final arbiters of what goes on line.I also think that the starting point in all of this has to be trust, that we ensure that democratic accountability is in place and that the relevant controls are also in place and then we allow those who wish to do good work for the party to get on with it. With all of these things there will be mistakes and we can learn from them, however we do need to trust our fellow socialists to get on with the propagation of socialist ideas


    Apologies if I have misrepresented or misinterpreted your views, YMS,  but I can;t think of any other way your propositions could be put into practice

    Vin wrote:
    Apologies if I have misrepresented or misinterpreted your views, YMS,  but I can;t think of any other way your propositions could be put into practice

    Put the short way, it's about being able to sack social media account operators, not micromanage them.

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