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    I just watched the Green party election broadcast last night, reported here

    and thought they played to their strengths

    • young membership
    • young supporters
    • sense of humour and a light-hearted take
    • outsider status
    • minor party status
    • female leader

    and the other parties weaknesses

    • consensus on big issues
    • demographically similar leaders
    • professional politicans
    • pandering to Ukip

    It grabbed attention and generated discussion. Some critics say it was too trivial but when Labour can broadcast a PEB with the actor Martin Freeman emoting instead of Ed Milliband, and ITV dismally profile the major party leaders personal and family lives, I think it perfectly acceptable for the Greens. Very good.


    Yeah, I thought the parody was quite appropriate, homogenized politics for an homogenized age. Shame the Greens can't see their politics as the rebranded reformism they actually are.I saw the Labour advert with the comedian/actor Martin Freeman and thought he was spouting on about a different political party to Labour.He must have been hitchhiking in space when the last Labour government decided to help the US, Bush family business, invade Iraq.I think it's his best comic role yet. Hilarious stuff. I nearly threw up laughing, or was I laughing as I threw up.


    Steve has posted this on the North East branch section but it's of general relevance too (including the exchange of comments):

    steve colborn

    Please feel free to follow the link provided by Adam and also, to post on this issue, on the Northern Echo site.If nothing else, it will provide comrades with light comic relief!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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