Facts of both biological and social evolution.

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    I have come across this quote of Kautsky’s which might be of interest in looking at our problem of why more advanced industrialised and technological society is showing no interest at all in the socialist case, even though we have always reckoned on such a society being ready for socialism.

    Foundations of Christianity:

    ” The fact that backward stages more easily accept and develop progress, than do those stages that are further advanced, may seem paradoxical, but it is a fact of which we have evidence even in the evolution of physical organisms. Highly evolved forms are frequently less adaptable and perish more easily, while lower* forms, whose organs are less specialized, may be able to adapt themselves more readily to changed conditions, and are therefore in a better place to further the course of evolution.”

    * Instead of “lower” I would write “less complex.”

    Apply this quote to human society and it might help to understand why the cultures riper for understanding the need for socialism appear the least interested in it.

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    Did Karl Kausty ever support Social Darwinism ?

    Alan said something in this forum that is clearly true, he said that the existence of leaders is a clear indication that we have never had class consciousness, even more, during the time of Karl Marx and Engels it did not exist either, probably they exaggerated it too, as they did it on the Communist Manifesto by saying that the specter of communism was haunting Europe, and it was a phrase that he borrowed from somebody else

    In our time the influence of the bourgeoisie ideology in the minds of the workers is stronger than in prior epoch in highly developed economic country, and country that are not highly developed, and the young generation that supported socialism in the less developed country does not exist any more, the new generation also support capitalism

    We have said that the objective conditions for socialism already exists, but we have said that the subjective conditions do not exist.

    The USA workers have been extremely influenced by the bourgeoisie anti communist propaganda for many years, but during the time that Bernie Sanders was doing his campgain on socialism ( lets it called social democracy ) thousands of workers, specially young worker started to support socialism or what they understood about socialism, and the USA is a highly developed country


    I only proffered the quote to elicit a discussion.

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