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    A related article on social media and the Arab Spring

    Big Tech companies continue to downplay their critical role in undermining democratic movements and free speech in the Arab world and ignore calls to implement urgent, long-term reforms.


    During the early days of the Arab uprisings, when many activists were using Facebook and Twitter to organise and amplify their demands, the social media giants seized the opportunity to brand themselves as platforms for political activism and resistance. To this day, numerous media outlets run the claim that “social media made the Arab Spring” and that it was a “Facebook revolution”. But social scientists have repeatedly busted this myth.

    …the “important story” about the Arab Spring is not the use of social media technology, but how revolutionary aspirations resonated across the Arab world… the policies of social media companies actually limited collective action in some ways and inhibited political activism… there is no significant correlation between internet or social media use and popular unrest…social media was just one channel of social and political networking among many others that contributed to the onset of the protest movements…

    Despite posing as a force for progress and development, Big Tech was collaborating with repressive governments in the Middle East and North Africa…Wikileaks revealed that in 2006 Microsoft had agreed to train law enforcement officers in IT in exchange for President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali’s government going back on its decision to use open-source software…Instead of protecting free speech against government censorship efforts, social media platforms suspended and removed thousands of accounts of political dissidents in Tunisia, Palestine, Egypt, Syria and elsewhere. They have also arbitrarily taken down content that advocated for free speech, justice, and basic human rights and have offered no explanation for doing so…more than 40 civil organisations, calling on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to stop silencing critical voices in the Middle East and North Africa…..


    Another story of Twitter’s right-wing slant

    Twitter’s Latin America Coordinator Exposed as Right-Wing Operative

    In the weeks following Twitter’s censorship of Trump, the company intensified its crackdown on left-wing Mexican activists. A group of prominent supporters of López Obrador were suspended in coordinated fashion, suggesting they were being targeted not for violating any terms of use on the website, but because of their politics.


    Killing Journalists, natives activists, (especially women ) and Civil rights activists in Mexico and Colombia is part of the censorship against the left by the Latin American right-wingers and drug cartels. That situation is not new, it has been taking place for several years, it is older than Twitter censorship


    The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) and members suffer the same “accidental” Facebook bans.



    You Tube stops some progressive groups the ability to earn money from their uploads.

    I don’t quite fully understand it since we have never tried to raise funds via You Tube apps but apparently some do.



    I expect YouTube will be doing the same to groups at the opposite end of the political spectrum. I read somewhere that Facebook and that lot were thinking of getting out of the business of fact-checking and the hassle for them that it involves to concentrate instead on people using them to post photos and personal rather than political messages.

    I didn’t know how you can make money from YouTube either so looked it up. Here’s what they say. We wouldn’t qualify (not enough followers, at least not yet) and wouldn’t accept the condition to carry advertising as well ( would we?).



    We wouldn’t qualify (not enough followers, at least not yet) and wouldn’t accept the condition to carry advertising as well ( would we?).


    I think the American comrades were discussing the possibility of advertising on FB so it might be possible…


    Facebook stops leftist Richard Wolff post supporting strike from being shared.

    Facebook Blocks Sharing of the Indypendent’s Coverage of Hunts Point Produce Market Strike


    Australia woke up on Thursday to find the Facebook pages of all local and global news sites – as well as some key government sites – had been blocked.


    Google to pay Rupert Murdoch for using news sourced from his media empire.


    I’m less concerned about Facebook since i’m not on it but is Google the first step that everything on search engines will be behind pay-wall because they now have to pay for content?

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