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    I’m not entering into any conspiracy theory about his death but I do wonder if there is a conspiracy of silence in the media.

    Prince Andrew, a friend, and accused by a 17 yr old of having sex with her


    We are expected to accept Palace denials as the truth

    Peter Mandelson a frequent guest. A Labour peer and politician mixing socially with a billionaire…we shouldn’t be surprised.

    Many other Brits are in the infamous little black book of phone numbers.



    Many members of the ruling elite were part of his prostitution ring and he was also blackmailing them, . The jail where they had him the ceiling is very high and prisoners do not get real blankets, they are made out of paper



    Protecting the Royals.

    But I am more curious about those that the media decline to mention and link?


    An article that concentrates upon Prince Andrew’s commercial dealings with the sheiks

    Prince Andrew Helped Deepen UK Relations with Gulf Regimes for 8 Years After Epstein Scandal

    Young Master Smeet

    Of course, some of this was covered in the Scrocialist Standard:


    There are mysteries around his rise, that some seem to hint secret state involvement, but I think that’s unlikely, but he was certainly very well connected for a man who never really did anything but invest other people’s money…


    I note that I did not see on the BBC website and the Guardian does not feature it as a lead headline that Prince Charles is now being sued by Virginia Giuffre for his sex with her when she was under the legal age of consent.


    Silence is complicit in the cover-up


    correction. I now see a BBC report on the lawsuit


    Prince Charles now? I don’t think we should waste any time on these conspiracy theories. There are more important things to talk about.


    Conspiracy theory? Or a genuine cover-up by the State?

    Bijou Drains

    I think perhaps you meant Prince Andrew rather than Prince Charles?

    With regard to Epstein, what no one in the press or media in the UK has raised the issue of Section 72 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 amended Section 72 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 this amendment removed the aspect of ‘dual criminality’ for sexual offences.

    This means that UK nationals who commit sexual offences against children abroad are criminally liable for the offence, regardless of whether the exploitation is classed as a criminal offence overseas.

    In other words, there is no requirement for the crime to be an offence in both countries. The Act extended extraterritorial jurisdiction for the offence of grooming of children for sexual exploitation.

    Although Virginia Giuffre was 17 at the time of the alleged liason with Prince Andrew, the law in the UK regarding prostitution outlaws use of prostitutes under the age of eighteen, see below:
    Paying for sexual services of a child

    Sexual Offences Act 2003
    (1)A person (A) commits an offence if—
    (a)he intentionally obtains for himself the sexual services of another person (B),
    (b)before obtaining those services, he has made or promised payment for those services to B or a third person, or knows that another person has made or promised such a payment, and

    (i)B is under 18, and A does not reasonably believe that B is 18 or over, or
    (ii)B is under 13.

    Big question is why have the CPS not sent a bobby off to Buck House to knock on Prince Andrew’s door?
    Perhaps the Party should gain a bit of publicity by asking the same question in the Standard?


    Crikey, it’s a sad state of affairs if the bourgeois state can’t cover up the misdeeds of one of it’s own – I’d ask for a tax refund if I was him.


    It is a bit disturbing that there seem to be members that fall for these conspiracy theories. I remember — I think it was about ten years ago — when allegations emerged about a sex ring involving Edward Heath, Leon Britain, Harvey Proctor, the head of the army and others, that there were some members who believed this. Luckily, we didn’t fall for this in the Standard. The allegations were later found to be groundless and the man who spread them is now in prison.


    A very big OOOPs…of course, I meant Randy Andy

    Many believe the Royals no longer have a privileged existence in the UK. They are attempting to dupe us into thinking they are just ordinary people like Harry and Meghan.

    I wonder why Andrew’s ex has been invited to Balmoral


    ALB – You have to be careful when labeling anything as a ‘conspiracy theory’ since this is a favourite ploy used by the mainstream media to dismiss anything that is not ‘on message’ from their employers. Were the WMDs a conspiracy theory? The cover-up of Saville’s crimes a ‘conspiracy theory’? Going back was the Zinoviev letter or the Dreffus affair conspiracy theories? Just occasionally conspiracy theories are true.


    “Just occasionally conspiracy theories are true.”

    Precisely. That’s my point. Most of the time they are not. So we need to be sceptical about them.

    In any event, scandals involving the ruling class are of no interest to socialists. Even if they were all saints they would still be exploiters and privileged parasites.

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