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    First, if you remember, they blamed it on migrants crossing the border, now it is black Americans responsible for the spread of Covid.


    The debate on the origin of Covid continues

    Not being an expert in epidemiology I just have to wait it out until some sort of conclusion is reached although I am swayed by the argument of some sort of cross-over from animals with increased chances due to intensified industrial livestock farming


    They are looking for the five legs of the cat and they are not going to find it, it is only a fight between the capitalist class blaming each other for the crisis of capitalism. There is not any evidence that this virus came from a laboratory, it came from an animal and it was transmitted to human beings, it has been like for centuries. There is no need to become an epidemiologist to understand that, we must just read and study the history of pandemic and diseases in our society, it is not the first pandemic that mankind has experienced. The pandemic has proven that all their talks about their so-called socialized medicine are only a farce, all of them have failed This is scientific research, it is not a report written by jokers and charlatans. Epidemic and society, by Frank Snowden


    Many government officials are promoting the use of antiviral instead of the vaccine.

    That type of medication can only be used at the early stage of the Coronavirus infection.

    The medication worked on Donald Trump because he was at the early stage of the infection, otherwise, the medication would not have worked on him, and he had the privilege that other people did not have to be able to use that type of medication immediately that his infection was detected

    The most important thing is prevention first instead of treatment, such as vaccination, mask-wearing, and keeping a social distance is more important, many of those officials are promoters of herd immunity and the drive for profits of the capitalist society.

    Those antiviral do not work with the new variants known as Delta and many have been removed from the shelf of many pharmacies, it worked at the early stage of the first variant.

    Peoples who have been infected after being vaccinated the symptoms are very minors compared to a person infected without being vaccinated and many of those people have not followed any system of prevention with the new Delta variant.

    Following scientific guidance is more important than following politicians and the drive for profits of the capitalist system


    US intelligence reports that the origin of covid remains inconclusive


    For more than 250 years they have been blaming their internal problems on somebody else, or other nations. This pandemic is a product of capitalism and its drive for profits. The leak theory is part of the hegemonical struggles of the capitalists’ powers


    Another report describes the search for the origins of covid as having stalled


    The USA has not provided any solid evidence ( or any evidence at all ) about the Leak theory, if there was a leak from a laboratory, probably, it was from the USA which has always used biological and chemical bombs in other countries. Peoples suffer from historical amnesia but they do not remember that biological and chemical bombs were used in Vietnam, in Germany, Asia, Africa, and against the natives, and the two bombs dropped in Japan were two scientific experiments tried on humans beings and civilians’ population. Winston Churchill was the first one to approve the use of biological and chemical bombs during WW2. By using depleted uranium in Iraq thousands of people have been contaminated with radiation and many children are born with genetic disorders


    The U.S. is projected to see nearly 100,000 more COVID-19 deaths between now and Dec 1st. Health experts say that toll could be cut in half if everyone wore a mask in public spaces.


    It is really ironic, in other countries, peoples are desperate for getting a vaccine and millions of people in the USA do not want to get vaccinated

    L.B. Neill

    Hi MS,
    Yes it is a complex situation indeed. It seems the antivax protests had taken hold.
    However on a positive note: Australians are now turning out and getting vaccinated and the lockdowns have continued in many states… I myself am feeling the weight of the restrictions, though I typically spend a lot of time in my mind-scape!
    The good news is a lot of ozzies are pro-vaccination (est:95% supportive of vaccine campaigns in general). Yet there are a noisy minority influenced by the Big 12 influencers who wreak havoc on scientific truths on social media… I think Alan had posted on this 12 influencers recently… time to name the network and hold them up to fact checks.
    Be safe brother.


    Witchcraft can not replace science. It has been proven by the intelligence community that the Coronavirus ( Covid 19 ) came from the animal and jumped into the human, and it rejected the leak theory and the genetically modified virus concept, both have been rejected.

    I did my homework a long time ago. The mRNA vaccine is one of the best technological discover and it is going to be used to cure many diseases which are considered incurables, it is not an invention of Satan, the Illuminati, the Martian, the reptiles, Soros, Faucci, or Gates, and it will not magnetize a human being, it was discovered and experimented by dedicated scientists who burned their eyelashes reading and studying and working in a laboratory

    The same thing happened with the stem cells, and many religious groups opposed its experimentation, and now it is been used by Regenerative Medicine ( which is going to be the next paradigm of Medicine ) and it is used to cure several diseases, leukemia on children, and genetic defects diseases.
    Many religious groups were opposed to heart surgery and bypass, and its discovery by a black technician saved the lives of thousands of children, and the merit was given to somebody else.

    They said that the heart can not be touched by a human being because it was a god creation and many doctors in that time supported the same idea, it looks that they did not study General Anatomy and dissection, and they studied witchcraft

    It is a blow to Donald Trump and Joe Biden who wanted to blame the pandemic on China, even more, they called it the China virus, and now they want to blame the Delta mutation on the black peoples and the Mexicans, as the Bubonic disease was called the black death, and the Great Influenza was called the Spanish flu


    Saying it as it is

    “Every country works with an aim of keeping its people, economy and social system safe,”


    Supreme Court lets Texas kill Roe v. Wade and abortion rights

    The USA supreme court is under the control of reactionary right-wingers and religious fanatics and violated a precedent that already existed by letting this bill be approved. Where is the so-called separation of Church and State? Is the USA constitution a theocratic document? What is so-called Banana Republic like Argentina de-penalized abortion completely and the case was scientifically explained by scientists before Congress and then the law was passed. This is the first step toward the complete elimination of abortion rights. Sometimes I believe that peoples are masochists

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