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    Cause and effect

    Ever since i retired from Royal Mail, the industry has been in deep trouble, experiencing one problem after another

    Ergo – I was the one who was keeping things going when i worked there




    Yep. My electric light failed last night because the pixie in charge took a nap.


    An Soros is a man who keeps capitalism running in the whole world, and the one financing revolts, protests, and coup. Before developing stupidity they first invented the stupid and the imbecile. These theories never go to the real root of our social problems. The whole world is controlled by a capitalist class, it is not an individual. Many peoples do not want to use the COVID 19 vaccine because Bill Gates is financing a project if they produce one vaccine I am going to get an injection I do not care if the project was financed by Martians or by Trump family


    Or by Dr. Hackenbush.


    Medical team at work:



    Conspiracy theory ideas are described here, particularly with regard to evolution, Jews and “aliens” etc.

    Most conspiracy theorists are 100% expressing the ideas and language associated historically with the KKK, but don’t know it. (Or rather, both conspiracism and Klan spring from the same American rural mindset, now called the Alt-Right).


    Another conspiRACIST obsession is the Atlantean one: shared by Himmler and others today: that non-whites were not up to great building projects/technologies in antiquity, so must have been mentored by white people – survivors of Atlantis.

    ConspiRACISTS refer to these mythical people as “The Ancients.”


    A homeopathic “doctor” claims the Gates Foundation plans the genocide of 3 billion, mostly in Africa.


    And Farrakhan is saying that the vaccine is the white man’s death plan. He was a good friend and supporter of men who killed thousands of peoples in Africa, the middle east, and the Caribbean


    We do not any chip in our brains, we already have it, the bourgeoisie has inserted their ideology into our brains. Capitalism is the one killing millions of peoples and most workers are supporting this system and many are willing to die defending capitalism and capitalist leaders. What we need is an ideological exorcism Charles Bendy ( Marxist writer ) said that someone told him that he had been brainwashed by the Marxists and the Communists and he said: I should have been brainwashed by the Marxists and the socialists when I was born

    Charles Denby’s life story: the story of the struggle for freedom


    This is the craziest conspiracy theory. These peoples need professional mental help. Now the Q movement thinks that Trump has betrayed them


    Some of those conspiracist groups who were supporting Donald Trump and the USA capitalist class are questioning their own principles and political allegations including the Proud Boys, even more, one of them has said that the government of Joe Biden looks more honest, and that Donald Trump has betrayed them and left them without any protection and that some of their members did not obtain a pardon, and that Trump is a weak leader who did not fulfill his promises

    They are asking the USA citizens to leave the Democratic and Republican Parties and to form their own political party, the question is: What party can the working class form for itself? Another capitalist party with a different name? It does show how confused and disoriented the USA working class is, and that any movement based on a leader always dismantle itself, and later on the movement dies


    According to some new, or revised conspiracist theory, Donald Trump is coming back in March as the 19th president of the USA ( instead of the 45th president ) because the USA became a corporation in 1933 when Roosevelt was elected, and that the old Republic will come back and that all the amendments added to the constitution are invalids. I think there are more crazy peoples walking on the streets than inside psychiatric hospitals. Aren’t these what they used to be called counter-revolutionary? There was a young woman on 1/6 saying that she wanted to make the revolution, she does not know that the bourgeoise made their revolution many decades ago and that their system must be replaced by a new one, it is already a decaying system


    “…and their solution is essentially global socialism. Think of the Green New Deal combined with the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and throw in something called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in which technology is supposed to radically change the way we live and work.”

    This is part of the text on the newspaper as seen in the video. Enlightened Capitalists? Mindgames? Wtf is it?

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    In one of his podcasts Peter Joseph has analysed well the so-called Great Reset, so well in fact that we are thinking of using in it in next month’s Socialist Standard under the title “Capitalism cannot be reset” (to work other than as a system that runs in profit).

    Here is what he said (scroll down to last post on 24 January):

    New Peter Joseph Film

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