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    We are much on the same page, MS.

    However, I will add a caveat.

    Despite its impressive recent re-armament programme, China still is militarily weak compared to the US and its allies. But in its efforts to try and equalise their respective armed forces, China’s enemies perceive it as a threat hence their sabre-rattling.

    Nato leaders meeting for a summit in Brussels have warned of the military threat posed by China, saying its behaviour is a “systemic challenge”. China, they said, was rapidly expanding its nuclear arsenal, was “opaque” about its military modernisation and was co-operating militarily with Russia. Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg warned China was “coming closer” to Nato in military and technological terms.


    It is the same case with North Korea


    US aircraft carrier group led by the USS Ronald Reagan has entered the South China Sea.

    “The South China Sea is pivotal to the free flow of commerce that fuels the economies of those nations committed to international law and rules-based order,” Rear Adm. Will Pennington, commander, Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group said.

    I always wonder the average American’s reaction if one of the Chinese aircraft carriers patrolled off the west coast of America or if Iranian navy battleships entered the Gulf of Mexico to visit Venezuela to claim freedom of the seas.


    They created a big show when Russia sent two bombers to Venezuela

    The Russian army made military exercises in the Caribbean Sea with the Venezuelan navy, and the USA complained about it .

    Now they are complaining because two Iranians ships are heading toward Venezuela.

    The USA thinks that they own the seas of the earth. The doctrine of discovery gave them the rights to own everything


    Put trade with China foremost says Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan at Australia’s biggest oil and gas industry conference, being held in Perth.

    Stop Antagonizing China: Suggests Australia’s Top Exporting State

    Beseeching the federal government to stop talk of conflict and trade retaliation, McGowan asked: “How is it in our interests to be reckless with trading relationships that fund and drive our prosperity and our nation forward?”

    Western Australia exported A$104 billion ($80 billion) worth of goods to China in 2020, making up 71% of Australia’s goods exports to China.


    Alan, despite all their military power they have been defeated several times


    Darren’s sterling efforts to place online old Socialist Standard articles led to me noting this quote. It could be posted on several topic threads on the forum with claim and counterclaim being made.

    “… we protest against atrocities and brutality, but we do so not as an expedient according to circumstances but against atrocities and brutality wherever and whenever they occur. It is for the working class of the whole world to see as it really is the cynical and hypocritical use made, by the capitalist class of atrocities, and not to let themselves be divided by capitalist propaganda directed against first one and then another foreign nation…”


    Imposs1904 has just published this article from the June 1945 Socialist Standard about the cynical use the ruling class make of atrocities. It’s what the Western government are doing now with regard to China.


    USA arms its allies and has approved the potential sale of F-16 fighter jets, as well as Sidewinder and Harpoon missiles, to the Philippines in three separate deals with a combined value of more than $2.5 billion

    Eric Sayers, a visiting fellow at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, said, “The package is a serious step that will certainly get Beijing’s attention,”


    “China poses the greatest long-term challenge to the United States and strengthening deterrence against China will require DoD to work in concert with other instruments of national power,” the Pentagon’s 2022 Defense Budget Overview asserts. “A combat-credible Joint Force will underpin a whole-of-nation approach to competition and ensure the Nation leads from a position of strength.”

    Funds to be spent on the procurement of advanced ships, planes, and missiles intended for a potential all-out, “high-intensity” war with China and deemed essential for a future high-tech arms race with China.

    A 2026 scenario described


    They did not have the same opinion about China when Richard Nixon traveled to Peking to establish commercial and diplomatic relationship with the rulers of that nation. Now it is a threat because China can take the place of the USA in the world market and the USA might lose its world hegemony. Every new economic power find the world already carved by another world power, it was the same case of Germany, Japan, Italy, and the Soviet Union


    Chinese-U.S. Split Is Forcing Singapore to Choose Sides

    Singapore to choose sides, China or the USA


    UK and EU have accused China of carrying out a major cyber attack earlier this year saying the attack came from “the territory of China”, while the UK said Chinese state-backed actors were responsible. The US is expected to follow suit.

    Microsoft said the hacking was conducted by a Chinese group called Hafnium. Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre, an arm of GCHQ, said it was “highly likely that Hafnium is associated with the Chinese state”.

    I may be completely off-beam but I can’t help comparing how the Israeli government is not held responsible for the phone hacking actions of NSO.


    Britain announced that it will permanently deploy two warships in Asian waters.

    A Pentagon spokesperson congratulated Britain for its “commitment to an inter-connected network of allies and partners, who mutually cooperate and support freedom of navigation and a rules-based order in the Indo-Pacific region.”

    Meanwhile, the strike group, Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, carrying F-35B stealth jets, two destroyers, two frigates, two support vessels will sail to Japan through the disputed South China Sea.


    I wonder who are those Chinese/Orientals living in the USA that are loyal to the Communist Party of China, maybe all the diplomats at the Chinese Embassy. It sounds like the old days of WW2 when many Japanese were placed in concentration camps and were considered loyal to Japan despite the fact that most of them were USA citizens

    Probably, she does not read statistics, most of the oriental in the USA voted for Donald Trump in 2016, and most of the oriental peoples living in the USA are anti-communists, and most have not read the works of Mao Tse Tung, evermore, in China, they do not publish the works of Mao any more,

    Most of the Maoists and Hoxhaists do not support the Communist Party of China and its government, the only standing Maoist party in the USA is the CPUSA and they do not support the Chinese government and the Communist Party of China, according to them the actual government was established by a state coup

    Most of the pro-China political parties that existed in the USA vanished from the face of the earth, and some of them became pro-Albanian and they also vanished from the face of the earth, the only one left is the CP of Canada which became a pro-Castroist organization, and Communist Voice Journal, ( Ex CPMLUSA, ex-COUSML ) and they are anti-Maoist and anti-Stalinists.

    The USA always needs an external enemy, the real problem is that the ruling class of China is challenging the world hegemony of the USA, but still, China does not have the same spheres of influence, followers, and power that the soviet union had–Leninist_Party,_USA. This group does not exist anymore

    China Books and Periodicals do not exist either–Leninist) This group also vanished from the face of the earth, they were the only official representative of the Communist Party of China in the USA

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