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    The Boosh-wah political scene gets curiouser and curiouser. The Ukraine’s head honcho is a comedian and now the Brazilian electorate opt for an ageing North Caledonian warbler, who was a one-hit wonder with ‘Shout’.
    She has probably got some of the Luvvers in her cabinet.

    Bijou Drains

    Lulu was from Glasgow, if there every was a place called Caledonia, Glasgow would have been in the South of Caledonia.

    As to one being a one hit wonder, Leave a Little Love (no 8),The Boat that I Row (no 6), Boom Bang a Bang (no 2), The Man Who Sold the World (no 3). With regards to humourous quips, maybe best not to give up the day job.


    “an ageing North Caledonian warbler”

    “With regards to humourous quips, maybe best not to give up the day job.”

    Which are not only not humourous but insulting too.

    Brazil is holding in its hands the future of the planet. If the lumber industry, the agriculture, and aviculture continue cutting trees to produce lumbers and land for farming and agriculture it is going to create a ecological disaster, and Ignacio Lula will not be able to resolve that problem either. It will produce the death of many natives that live in the forest and depend of the ecological balance of that area


    Bolsonaro like Donald Trump does not want to admit defeat, that situation might create confrontation among the members of the working class

    Lula is elected president of Brazil as Bolsonaro maintains silence on results
    Guilherme Ferreira
    31 October 2022
    Workers Party (PT)’s candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva won Brazil’s presidential election on Sunday, defeating the incumbent fascistic President Jair Bolsonaro. Lula won 60.3 million votes (50.9 percent) against 58.2 million votes (49.1 percent) for Bolsonaro. This was the smallest margin of victory in a presidential race since 1989, the first election after the end of the 1964-1985 military dictatorship.

    Even with both candidates receiving record votes, a quarter of Brazilian voters refused to vote, either by not showing up at the polls (20.57 percent) or by casting a blank or invalid ballot (4.59 percent).


    Attempted Bolsonaro right-wing coup?

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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