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    Another key crucial election today between the left and right

    Bolsonaro V Lula


    Either one is not going to have anything beneficial for the working class of Brazil, both are representative of the Brazilian capitalist class,

    even more Lula might be more effective to the capitalist class than Bolsonaro because in front of the eyes of the workers he represents the left

    The problem is the possibility of a coup if Lula wins the election it might be a repetition of the case of USA when Biden was elected

    #233985 This is the analysis made by a leftist organization and about the presidential debates, none of them mentioned the real social and economical problems of Brazil, they are just attacking each other, and making empty promises that they are not going to be able to do, or to put in practice, even more, both have had the chances to do them


    Brazil’s election is going into a second round on 30th October

    With almost all the votes counted, Lula had won 48% against Bolsonaro’s 43% – a much closer result than opinion polls had suggested. But Lula fell short of the more than 50% of valid votes needed to prevent a run-off.


    Double post

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    But will Lula continue with the burning of the Amazon, the massacre of its wildlife and the genocide of its natives? Isn’t all that Bolsonaro?

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    Right-wing and left-wing presidents are birds from the same nest, Lula vice president is an extreme right-winger and one of the biggest representatives of the Brazilian capitalist class, the Chilean call him the Piñera of Brazil, and he already has the approval of all the so-called worker’s states and socialists states of Latin America,

    The USA is willing to approve immediately the government of Bolsonaro or the government of Lula, they know that anyone of them is going to be the same. The leftists are just flopping dust with their wings. Both candidates have the blessing of the Catholic and the Evangelical church, they also know that their interests are protected.

    Noam Chomsky is already in Brazil supporting Lula, and Lula is another candidate of the so-called neo-liberalism like Bolsonaro, he can support anyone of them

    Catholics and evangelicals may get to decide Brazil's next president


    Bolsonaro and his party did not win the presidency now, but Bolsanaro came out stronger on the Governors posts, senator and house of representative, if Lula win in the October election he would be presiding by himself without the support of the Congress and the governors.


    Lula is making alliances with everybody to win the election


    Left reformist Lula wins

    50.8% of the vote. Bolsonaro received 49.1%.

    With a tight margin of victory, will Bolsonaro supporters accept the result? We will see


    The difference is very small in a few months his popularity will drop drastically like Boric in Chile. Bolsonaro has a strong support on the Congress and Governorship, Dilma had a palace coup

    Lula received 3 millions more votes but Bolsonaro received 7 millions more for the congress He has a stronger position than Lula

    The best political hybrid, a president from the left and a Vice President from the ultra right


    Truck drivers who support Brazil’s outgoing President Jair Bolsonaro blocked roads in 230 protests in 20 states on Monday as Bolsonaro himself remained silent on losing the election.His silence has led to speculation as to whether Bolsonaro will concede defeat, or whether he will claim electoral fraud. Some truckers are calling for a military coup to prevent Lula becoming president,


    Brazil stocks drop as Lula wins election

    The truckers protests could provoke an export crisis for the Brazilian farmers

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